10 Signs That She’s A Keeper

Don’t you just wish you could wear a unique sign on your forehead, and no one else except your soulmate would wear the same sign? This way, you’d know right away when you meet your special person. Even when your relationship goes through tough times and trials, you’re still going to be sure because the sign is infallible.

Well, only in our dreams. This is reality, and you have to put in a lot of time and effort into a relationship to make it work. I’m one of those people that believe love doesn’t just happen like a flash. It requires time and dedication to be cultivated into something real. Sometimes, things work out and we are happy. Other times, they hit the rocks because this person wasn’t really meant for us, or could it be the other way round? Maybe. Either way, things didn’t work out and some point, it gets exhausting knowing we’d have to start all over again. All that time, energy, and commitment may feel wasted, but don’t ever give up because the love of your life will come to you someday. Love is one thing we should never give up on.

Sadly, people would usually become too cautious and go into relationships with one foot out the door. You can only deal with so many breakups in one lifetime. We start thinking, “I can’t give it everything again. What if it crashes? How do I pick myself up this time? Let me just hang at the door and see if this person suits my heart…”

This is another recipe for disaster because a relationship without commitment and dedication would be headed quickly for the rocks. It’s scary to give everything at once, but your partner doesn’t deserve only a bit of you.

Commitment issues are seen across both genders, but for men, it’s a bit tougher because they are naturally inclined to lead the chase, and how can you do that when your heart is not involved? You can’t make convincing moves while still acting like an impenetrable wall. A man just wants a woman who would love, support, understand, and make him feel comfortable. Although every man’s interests in a woman may not run in the same directions, there a few signs that scream “keeper” when you are finally getting to know her.

1. She challenges to become a better person

There’s a reason why we refer to our true partners as “better halves.” If she makes you strive to be the best version of yourself, never letting you doubt your abilities for a second, then you’ve found the one for you. She doesn’t want you to be stuck at a spot when she knows you’re full of potential and could reach incredible heights. She believes in you, and this alone is golden. 

2. She’s not a fake person

With this unique woman, what you see is what she feels and she never has a reason to pretend about anything. She’s real, genuine, and she’s not a people pleaser. If people love and adore her, it’s because she’s amazing and not because she acts a certain way toward that goal.

3. She wears her heart on her sleeve

When she’s happy, it radiates everywhere. When she’s upset, you’d know it immediately. Whatever emotions that course through her heart are shown on her face. She doesn’t bottle things up and expect to be “figured out.” She’s straight-forward and always upfront with her feelings.

4. She is passionate about something

There’s got to be at least one thing she’s crazy about. Either it’s her career, her hobbies, interests, or volunteering, she must have something that makes her burn with passion whenever she talks about it. This shows she’s driven and committed to the things she loves — and this includes people too.

5. She apologizes when she’s wrong

She’s smart enough to know when she’s out of line and humble enough to apologize for it. She won’t hurt you and still expect you to make things better. She takes that bold step herself and initiates peace. This shows a fine twist of strength and humility that you can’t afford to miss.

6. She is understanding and patient with you

She is that awesome soul who cradles your heart in her hands and is very patient with you. She’s always understanding and accepts your shortcomings while encouraging you to be better. However, it’s not a green light to take advantage of her because she’s patient. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and trust me, she has a breaking point, just like every other human on the planet. [1]

7. She’s conquered difficulties in the past

She’s not afraid of trials because she’s survived them in the past and came out stronger. She’s not terrified of the future because she knows that whatever happens, she’ll work through it and come out the other side better than she ever was.  

8. She is goal-oriented and ambitious

Hold on to that woman who wakes up every morning with a goal, a head brimming with targets, and a heart full of determination and drive. This shows that she’s found her bearings in life and nothing’s going to stop her. Her quest for success will always leave you feeling motivated. [2]


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