10 Things People Do That Make No Sense to Introverts

With the social distancing and self-isolation measures put in place to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, most people have just about gone nuts from staying at home. This is minus a particular group of people: the introverts. 


Introverts don’t even notice the quarantine

So, you’ve been cooped up indoors for the past couple of weeks and you are bored out of your mind. All you can think about is when you’ll be able to go out and hang out with your friends, catch a movie, or any other thing. 


However, the average introvert is completely at peace with the situation because that is essentially their everyday life. 


There’s more to introverts than you think 

These people are perhaps one of the most misunderstood groups of people in society. Typically, people believe introverts are people who function better outside social gatherings. This is true to an extent, however, it goes beyond that. 


According to research by Jonathan Cheek, there are four types of introverts namely the Social introvert, the Thinking introverts, the Anxious introverts, and the Restrained introverts. 


1.Social introverts 

These are the typical types of introverts. These people prefer to keep their social circles down to the barest minimum. 


2.Thinking introverts 


They are more in tune with themselves. They would rather remain within the confines of their minds than spend time in the company of others. Some people think they are narcissistic, but they are not. They are simply introspective and self-reflective. 


3.Anxious introverts 


They spend time alone because their anxiety levels spike when they are around people, especially new people. They would feel much more comfortable being alone than in the presence of others. 

4.Restrained introverts 

These people have very reserved personalities. They like to take their time to process new things before reacting in whatever way they deem appropriate. [1]

Regardless of the way people feel about introverts, they remain the way they are most comfortable with. 

And just as others don’t understand them, there are certain things about other people, extroverts especially, that makes no sense to them. 

Here are 10 of Things Introverts Don’t Understand

1.‘Unnecessary’ conversations 

Introverts don’t understand why people want to talk to other people when it is not necessary. They find it hard to understand why anyone would want to engage in small talk and as such, prefer not to engage in them. 


You know how people say “three is a crowd”? For introverts, it is very true. Heck, two might even be a crowd, especially when they are new people. 

An introvert doesn’t much care for social gatherings or parties of any sort. If they are forced to go, they will most likely fade into the background and keep to themselves.

3. Phone calls 

An introvert would most likely wait for the phone to finish ringing and send you a text rather than picking up the phone. Answering a call and being forced to respond immediately to all questions doesn’t make sense to them when they could simply text you and reply at their convenience. 

4. Talkative people

If you’re talkative, an introvert would probably look at you like an alien. They dislike chatter so when they see someone talking a mile a minute, they are completely unable to relate that on any level.

5. Being one of the popular kids 

Most people want nothing more than to sit at the ‘popular table’—figuratively and literally. Not introverts, they would much rather not even be seen on any part of the ‘social tree.’ 

Being the center of attention is so not their thing and they find it very hard to understand why anyone would actively seek that out. 

6. Being regarded as boring 

To an introvert, they are pretty interesting on their own. So when people who don’t understand them refer to them as ‘boring’ simply because they don’t socialize as much, it just makes no sense to them.

7. How people don’t get tired of socializing 

Some people are known as social animals, and for good reason. The hopping from one bar to another at wee hours of the morning, and still managing to remain the life of the party — no way an introvert is ever going to understand that. 

Just one party they managed to sit through and they are thoroughly drained, talk less of multiple ones. Hard pass on that one.

8. Being called shy 

Oh, that’s Joe, he’s very shy.” That’s what most people say about introverts when introducing them. This makes no sense. Shyness is not a synonym for introversion. 

Yes, they have a comfort zone and they’d rather remain in it than come out, that doesn’t mean that if the chips were down, they couldn’t speak up in front of a bunch of people. 

9. Being called rude 

*Exhales in exasperation* The average introvert has probably been called rude, stuck up, or snobby at least 10 times in their lifetime. 

Just because they keep to themselves doesn’t mean they are too full of themselves. Sadly, most people fail to get this distinction and would rather just judge them. [2]

10. Surprise parties 

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? I’ll tell you who, an introvert, that’s for sure. To an introvert, why anyone would want to throw a surprise party is just beyond them. 

They wouldn’t even be throwing a party, but if it had to be done, then they need to be aware. This is so they can mentally prepare for the ‘socialization’ that is bound to happen. [3]

And there you have it, a little insight into the mind of an introvert. If you were one to judge them before, perhaps now you see that you’ve been quite wrong. 

All in all, introversion is a pretty good quality to have. One thing’s for sure, spending time alone gives them the space to unlock the full potential of their minds. Little wonder introverts are rather creative people. 

Hopefully, this helps people to truly understand introverts and be able to relate better with them, or as little as possible, as the case may be.


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