15 Photos That Prove Nature Will Never Get Tired of Surprising Us

15 Photos That Prove Nature Will Never Get Tired of Surprising Us

Just like regular meals and exercise, I sometimes wish more people would accept nature therapy as an important part of the day. It’s sometimes referred to as ecotherapy and while there are professionals who use a set of techniques to help people enjoy the sessions better, anyone can have nature therapy on their own. It’s mostly about being outdoors, enjoying the natural scenery, appreciating the stunning beauty of nature that we would normally zoom past on our very busy days.

 How often do we have the time to relax and admire the contours of that stunning little white and pink flower blooming at the park? We won’t always pay attention to the adorable little bird with a lovely mix of blue and green feathers, or the rather satisfying slopes of the land and mountains at the Park Range. When the pretty colors come out to play in the sky at sunset, there’s nothing more exhilarating than watching it morph into the night sky full of stars and a smiling crescent moon. Nature is full of exciting delights, all free, cheerful and just waiting to be explored.  

Nature can have a profound effect on our senses and cognition. A 2019 study from Denmark reports that children who spend more time outdoors have a lower risk of developing psychiatric disorders as adolescents and outdoors. [1]  Spending more time in “cumulative green space” was discovered to have a positive effect on their mental development and they would often be happier and more imaginative.

If we could all just take a break once in a while to go outside and see how much nature has evolved while we were too busy to notice, we would notice the many ways it continues to amaze us. These photos below are proof that we need to spend more time outdoors and enjoy nature’s never-ending thrills.

1. The Mirror Sunflower, so you could enjoy the beauty from any side. It’s not a mutation, Nature was just thinking smartly, as always.

2. What if someone buried their late pet starfish where this strawberry was planted?

3. Are these the most meticulous worms you’ve ever seen? They were careful not to damage the leaf skeleton.

4. I never thought I would see the day Marge Simpson’s hair would finally grow. She’s even sporting a new color.

5. Tiny orange grew with a peel inside a bigger one. This is usually common with navel oranges, but their tiny fruits aren’t often as small or fully developed as this guy.

6. Get double the potassium for the price of one. Nature’s got you covered.

7. The beauty of birth as a tomato sprouts its new seeds.

8. A stunning image of lava from a volcano spilling into an ocean.

9. Just in case it doesn’t feel too comfortable in that relationship, this palm can always take a walk.

10. The cocoon had to make itself the best protection it could by stitching the fabric of someone’s outdoor lounge seat.

11. One last pearl stuck in someone’s dinner oyster. Treasure can truly come from food.

12. “I’m different and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

13. Black is not a color, it’s an attitude. This lotus flower wears it well.

14. A sea glass that looks just like a tiny full moon.

15. Russia’s Lake Baikal is the deepest and oldest lake in the world. [3]

Photo Credits: Brightside


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