20 Photos That Explain Why 70s Men’s Fashion Should Never Make a Comeback

20 Photos That Explain Why 70s Men’s Fashion Should Never Make a Comeback

Emphasis on the “never.” 

Retro fashion trends always find ways to make stylish comebacks and get in vogue once again. Choker necklaces, sweatpants, ripped denim, wide-leg pants, these trends didn’t start today, but they are currently hot right now. While fashion trends are completely recyclable, some styles are best forgotten forever. 

Men’s fashion has improved tremendously over the years, but this was after transitioning through hideous phases. In the 70s, guys donned everything from fur coats and loud-contrasting patterns to vinyl jumpsuits and wool bodysuits. This was a period when the outline of crotches was in vogue, a time when men wore hot mini gowns and silky underpants. They wore animal-print bodysuits and shorts so short they’d have been better off without any clothes on. 

Back then, fashion designers and trendsetters were learning how to be bolder and better. The fashion industry was still being established and everyone wanted to come up with something outrageously unique. The competition for creativity was hot, as it has remained since then. Sadly, creativity seemed to have a different meaning in the 70s. If it’s shiny, loud, over-the-top, and fussy, you’re right on track. 

My uncle showed me a ‘hot’ picture of him at a college fundraiser, wearing plaid bell-bottom trousers with a belted sweater. The icing on the awkward cake was a pair of black ‘almost’ two-inch heeled boat shoes and in his opinion, he’d been the hottest guy at that event. Sure, no doubt. 

There’s no sugarcoating it: 70s men’s fashion was a disaster, and below are some pictures we’ve put together to show you why they should remain in the past.

Fashion trends are as dynamic as they are exciting. However, designers back in the 70s need to be held accountable for the monstrosities they doled out as “stylish and “in-vogue.”

 Nowadays, while everyone wants to bring back something from the past in a new, glamorous way, some trends are better left to rest in peace. There’s no glamor to be unleashed from spandex mini gowns. It’s a relief that we do not have to look at men walking about in jumpsuits made of leather and extra long-legged plaid trousers hugging at the hips. 

Photo credits: Healthy Food House and Bored Panda.