21 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Famous Celebrities

21 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Famous Celebrities

When you were growing up, did any relatives or family friends say you were a spitting image of one of your parents? Has anyone said your children look more like you or your spouse? It’s always endearing to hear when the gift you’ve brought into the world looks like you. But how about when people compare your child to a complete stranger? It’s always hit or miss, a compliment or an insult.

But knowing that your baby (still or at one point in time) had a celebrity doppelganger is pretty hilarious. You’ll see what we mean below!

21 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Famous Celebrities

  1. The Gordon Ramsey Baby
    gordon ramsey baby lookalike
  2. The Amy Schumer Baby

    amy schumer baby lookalike
  3. The Ben Stiller Baby
    ben stiller baby lookalike
  4. The Chris Farley Baby
    chris farley baby lookalike
  5. The Christopher Walken Baby

    christopher walken baby lookalike
  6. The Danny Devito Baby
    danny devito baby
    And one more for good measure:
    danny devito baby
  7. The Ed Sheeran Baby
    ed sheeran baby lookalike
  8. The Mrs. Doubtfire Baby
    doubtfire baby lookalike
  9. The Ian ‘Gandalf’ McKellan Babygandalf baby lookalike
  10. The Jennifer Garner Baby
    jennifer garner baby lookalike
  11. The John Legend Baby

    john legend baby lookalike
  12. The Michael Cera Baby
    michael cera baby lookalike
  13. The Jay Z Baby
    jay z baby lookalike
  14. The Tiger Woods Baby
    tiger woods baby lookalike
  15. The Wallace Shawn Baby
    wallace shawn baby lookalike
  16. The Prince George Baby
    prince george lookalike baby
  17. The Ryan Gosling Kid
    ryan gosling baby lookalike
  18. The Simon Pegg Baby
    simon pegg baby lookalike
  19. The Vin Diesel Baby
    vin diesel baby lookalike
  20. The William H. Macy Baby
    william h macy baby lookalike
  21. The Vladimir Putin Baby
    vladimir putin baby lookalike

Do you have any baby-celebrity lookalikes!?

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