$213 Train Ride Shows You All of America’s Most Beautiful Sights


We know it’s halfway through summer and most of you have planned or gone on your vacations. But, in case you still aren’t sure what to do or where to go, we’ve got the perfect idea! It doesn’t involve hopping on planes, being on boats, or getting tired at the wheel, and is actually more of a staycation than anything. Don’t let that deter you, though!

So, how will I be traveling?


As it turns out, you do not need a car to see America in all its glory. On this cross-country trip, you will be traveling by train! Just consider this for a moment…

  • No tired eyes, sore legs, and stiff backs caused by driving
  • No painful ear popping or cramped seating arrangements you get on planes
  • No seasickness or time to relax like you get on cruises

On the contrary, train rides give you the opportunity to eat, sleep, and lounge more comfortably than you would expect – especially when you have your own personal cabin. Not to mention the picturesque “postcard” views you’ll witness while traveling through the United States’ incredibly vast, ever-changing landscape.

How much does this trip cost?

Perhaps the most enticing part of this cross-country train ride is the unbelievable cost. Not only will you have one of the best travel experiences but the best travel bargains, too! All for $213. Don’t believe it? The proof is in the pudding… or this picture:[1]


derek low train trip


In December 2011, travel blogger Derek Low embarked on a scenic coast-to-coast train trip from San Francisco to New York. This journey is “[arguably] the most scenic and historic of all the train routes in America… As you climb through the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains and further east through the heart of the Rockies, you may find it hard to disagree.”[1]

All in all, the cross-country trip spans 11 states and a whopping 3,397 miles. Although you can go from coast to coast for as little as $213 (by buying direct California Zephyr and Lake Shore Limited tickets), Low personalized his trip and opted to buy Amtrak’s 15-day rail pass for $429 – still an incredibly inexpensive price! It “includes 8 train rides which [he] used to explore other cities after [his] cross-country journey.”[1]


Some of the Beautiful Sites You’ll See

derek low cross country map

  • San Francisco Bay
  • Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Donner Lake
  • Book Cliffs
  • Colorado Plains
  • The Great Plains
  • Rolling Hills
  • Chicago Skyline

“If you want to see tourist America, rent a Cadillac, get on Route 66 and stop off at a few cutesy diners and motels,” Low says.[1] “If you want to see the real America in all its spectacular, crazy, kooky glory, get on the train.”


With sights like these, it really makes you wonder if people who choose to fly across the country instead of taking the train are crazy. Low’s not the only one thinking this either! So much so that Low will help you plan your personalized trip and take care of booking all your travels for peanuts compared to other travel agencies.

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