30 Photos of Animals Having a Worse Day than You

30 Photos of Animals Having a Worse Day than You

Some days are like that, little buddy, but they don’t last forever

Those days where everything seems to be working specifically against you, and it starts to get pretty scary at some point. You wake up with a pounding head on a Monday morning, twenty minutes late for work and the water’s not running. When you manage to get it fixed, your car decides to have a beef with you straight up. You jump that hurdle and then drop into traffic that can rival China’s busiest roads. You finally get to work and get chewed out for being a late mess. Somehow, you also managed to forget your presentation at home. Another chew-out session.  A bird poops on you at lunch, you end up logging extra hours for being late, and finally, you get home to an empty kitchen. 

Trust me, I’ve lived something similar and it’s not funny at all.

However, humans aren’t the only ones who have to deal with upsetting days. Animals have their fair share too, and in their case, they don’t always understand what’s going on or how to process it. This may sound weird, but animals go through even worse situations than us. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, hamsters, and squirrels — they all have those awful days too.

See these poor guys below:

#1 He can’t get away fast enough

#2 Thankfully, it was rescued. Careful flying next time.

#3 Acrophobia at its worst. He followed the cat to the roof and couldn’t bring himself to move anymore. He had to be comforted, poor thing.

According to Karen Johnson, doctor of veterinary medicine and the co-founder of VIP Vet Visit, every pet handles stress differently. Pet owners can make these situations easier by understanding their pet’s behavior and needs during stressful times.

Dogs seem to be better equipped to handle stressful situations than cats,” Johnson said to Bored Panda. [1]Cats, very often, can make themselves ill due to stress or have behavioral problems such as urinating outside the litter box.”

Most times, pets become stressed when they catch their owners dealing with stressful situations too. Your cat is more likely to get itself into trouble when it’s lacking attention, and dogs put on sad faces when their owners are in distress.

It is very noticeable that if an owner is worried or stressed, the pet becomes anxious, nervous, and stressed as well. They can sense your emotions,” she said.

According to Johnson, the most common signs of stress in pets include behaviors such as whining, hiding, panting, pacing, shaking, lip licking, yawning, and shedding. She explains that the best way to deal with it is to remain calm yourself. A relaxed outward demeanor would reassure your pet of its safety and comfort, and it also allows you to figure out what the trigger could be.

#4 He ran away and after hours of searching, his owner came home to this. Who knows how long he’d been there?

#5 The dog stole a bite of the cat’s food and the feline quickly went to complain about it. Boundaries, sister!

#6 The pitbull always thought he was the “highest in the room.” What a rude awakening.

#7 Okay, this was an expensive joke.

#8 Who put up this, furball? They had to help him down.

#9 Animal control had to be called in. 

#10 This one found a bag of charcoal at home and changed her identity. Her owner could have mistaken her for a stray.

#11 Someone’s not too thrilled about the kids’ art model. His day couldn’t get any worse.

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#12 Cats are so expressive. His owner kicked over his milk and didn’t replace it, and this was his expression all through dinner.

#13 Every day for the thief, one day for the owner. Say cheese!

#14 Dog jail in 3… 2… 1

#15 He was so embarrassed, but he needed help getting out. 

#16 Someone’s not thrilled about leaving the dog park early

#17 When you have to pull a balloon string out of your cat’s butthole at 11:30 pm.

#18 That bacon smelled so good that he went too close to the hot frying pan. 

#19 When her bowl was put in the dishwasher. Separation anxiety.

#20 He got upset about stepping in his poop and when tried to get it off, dude flipped over and got stuck

#21 Scenes like this are normal in Montana. Cats can chase bears out of the backyards.

#22 So they found out he’d been stealing and hoarding bottle caps. Little guy looks guilty to bits.

#23 Good vantage point.

#24 Just look at those cute eyes… He got stuck between the cushions.

#25 Aww… He had to make sure he was in the safest place he could be.

#26 The owner of the house had to cut down a tree in the yard and now this guy has nowhere to go. Sad.

#27 I hope the squirrel that fell off that roof is okay.

#28 Her owner didn’t give her the last bite of a burger. Sheesh!

#29 He’s so tiny but his broken bone had to be fixed no matter what. 

#30 He ran into a wall of snow and ended up petrified.


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