5 Signs from Your Angels You Should Never Ignore

5 Signs from Your Angels You Should Never Ignore

“Angel of God, my Guardian dear…”

Most people have this misconception that angels are supreme beings limited only to Christianity. While they are believed to be supernatural beings that act as intermediaries between God and humans, they can be found across various religions and mythologies. [1] Judaism, Islam, Christianity, the Greek and Roman mythologies all acknowledge the existence and divine power of angels. In fact, to anyone who seeks the purest form of love and light, believing in angels is a great way to go.

Angels are messengers, guardians, and protectors. They are often depicted as winged beings clad in white with halos and sometimes, swords. In Greek mythology, angels are portrayed as majestic gods (or their messengers) with powerful golden wings and loincloths. However, it doesn’t really matter what you believe your angel looks like. We each have our own guardian angel, a protector whose sole purpose is to keep us safe and guard our ways. This doesn’t mean that other angels won’t come around you, and although you may not see them, you can feel their presence and sense their involvement. We have to always stay connected with our angels because they respect our free will and we just have to let them know what we need.

Angels communicate with us through gentle signs. They may be trying to pass a message to you or just let you know they are around, and the latter often happens in our darkest and lowest moment. Just when you think everything is falling apart and everyone has abandoned you, believe and pay attention, and you’ll find one unique sign from your angel, letting you know they are still with you. They understand you very deeply and while they may not always interfere aggressively with your life, they are always there to guide and uplift you.

Here are 5 common angel signs you should never ignore:


Feathers floating around from nowhere are one of the commonest signs of an angel’s presence. Remember, angels are supposed to have wings, so it makes sense that they’d let a feather show up to you to alert you of their presence. If you are ever in need of upliftment, protection, love, and light, and a feather happens to float around at that moment, let your faith take over. Believe that an angel is near, watching, observing, and reassuring you that everything is going to be okay.

The number 11

If you’re seeing the number 11 in repetitive sequences such as 11:11, 111, 1111, across the cash register, your digital watch, the TV, book pages, and so on, your angel might be trying to communicate with you. Most times, you won’t just see it once: You’d keep getting a barrage of these repetitions until you pay attention to your spirit. They often signify a call for awakening and spiritual transformation, the end of an era of turmoil in your life, and the beginning of peace, and other times, your angel is telling you to be mindful and pay close attention to your surroundings and subconscious. There might be a message lingering around for you.

Rare Ringing in your ears (that is not a medical condition)

Especially in your left ear, a high-pitched ringing sound is one of the commonest ways for your angels to get your attention. At this point, your angel doesn’t want you to doubt their presence. It’s a sign of confirmation and reassurance that they are there to guide you. 

Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakras are various focal points in the human body used in a variety of ancient meditation practices. The solar plexus chakra is about two inches above your belly button and is believed to honor the life force. This chakra is very sensitive to energy and would often feel a variety of movements when there’s an occurrence in your spiritual environment. 

When an angel is trying to warn you of something, your solar plexus may begin to vibrate, tighten, or tingle. It could also feel like nausea, and this means that something is not exactly right. The angels might also be trying to warn you of imminent danger, so if you’re about to do something you’re not quite sure of and you receive this sensation, it might be your angel “using your gut” to protect you.

The hawk

Hawks are highly intelligent and intuitive birds with one of the most powerful visual abilities in the animal kingdom. If you begin to see hawks soaring around more than usual, your angel might be telling you to use your intuition and get in front of a situation. They are telling you to follow the instincts you feel the most then, even if everyone else thinks you’re making a mistake. Trust your mind and let it lead you because, believe it or not, it’s the most powerful tool you’ve got.

Angels are amazing beings that complete our spirituality. We should always try to have a stronger relationship with our guardian angels and trust them to guide and protect us. 

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