5 unmistakable signs that 2020 will be your year of healing, transformation, and success

5 unmistakable signs that 2020 will be your year of healing, transformation, and success

That New Year buzz is in the air.

 There are only a few days left to wrap up this year, and while we may already have an idea of how 2020 will play out, we can never be too sure. For many, 2019 was an amazing year filled with wins and unwavering progress. For some, 2019 was a year of struggle and setbacks. For others, there were wins and there were losses. 

However, we are about to walk into a brand new year, a fresh start to rewrite our story and make the most of another set of 365 days (366 in this case). While you could resolve to change your story at any time of the year, a new year has a different feel to it, almost as if we’re walking through a curtain, choosing memories and events to move forward with and the ones to leave behind. 

2020 will be a year of great vibrational impact on every aspect of your life, and here’s why: 2020 is a leap year, a special year with an extra day (February 29) that occurs once every four years. Leap years were created by Julius Caesar as far back as 45BC to account for inconsistencies in the calendar. To many people, a leap year holds a massive spiritual significance.

It’s a time to let the extra day to spark a forward bolt within you. A time to leap, to soar, to strive, and conquer. A time to atone for the inconsistencies you’ve so far permitted in every aspect of your life. A time to set things straight and leap forth to where you truly deserve to be.

Here are five sure signs that 2020 is your year of healing, transformation, success, and blessings: 

You have a temporary emotional breakdown

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

A lot of people experience mild to severe anxiety whenever a New Year is around the corner. You may go through a brief episode of feeling lost, confused, disoriented, and ultimately exhausted. You feel like you can’t find the will to make it to the New Year. You’re swarmed by regrets from the passing year and fear of the unknown in the coming year. You want to get past this phase and enjoy the festivities, but it feels like it’s impossible to break through.

Thankfully, it’s not. It’s going to pass because you’re stronger than you imagine. When you come out of this fog, you’ll be more determined to right all the wrongs of the past year. Your mind will heal as the New Year dawns because your fortune is about to be transformed.  You’ll be refueled and rejuvenated to put up a good fight and build your reward from the beginning of the new year.

You have a strong desire to be alone

You’re in reflection mode.

You begin to crave your time alone and privacy, spending every spare minute in your thoughts and feelings. People around you will worry about this reclusiveness as it’s often a sign of depression, but in this case, it’s something different. Something good. 

You’ll spend time reflecting slowly on everything you experienced this year. You’ll take time to pinpoint your mistakes and if you didn’t own up to them at the time of occurrence, you will now. You’ll accept that you occasionally made the wrong choices and sometimes, it was just sheer bad luck on your part. Whatever the case is, you’ll have a strong desire for privacy to strategize and plan mentally for the New Year. A year to utilize your blessings and watch them turn into bigger successes.

Reliving coming-of-age experiences

This is the moment where you think about past sufferings for closure or answers, perhaps. You’ll begin to sift through the issues and trauma you had as a child, a teen, and a young adult. This doesn’t mean you’re relapsing into grief; you’re only starting to accept these experiences as an integral part of your life, like rusty rungs on a lifelong ladder.

You recognize and accept the length of your journey

One of the most common mistakes people make on the path to success is mentally compressing their journey into a short walk. You’d only be disappointed when in reality, you discover that you’ve still got a long way to go.

It’s a surefire sign of success to conceptualize and accept the true length of your journey. If you’re starting a business, you know how long it would take to pick up. You know how long your academic pursuits would last. You accept that you’re in a relationship for the long haul and it’s time to start acting like it. 

A lot of things would become better once you resolve to go as far as you can to reach your goals. 

You realize that you alone are responsible for your happiness

It’s a major step in self-development to reach the point where you realize that only you can keep you happy. You’re responsible for your life, and therefore your joy. You’ll learn to stop letting other people take advantage of your emotions. You can do whatever you want as long as you’re hurting no one.

It may be difficult to get accustomed to this newfound strength at first, but we must learn to enjoy every moment of our lives with great enthusiasm and energy.

Get ready!

2020 will be your glorious year of self-realization. No one promises that it will be easy or devoid of challenges, but you’ll certainly be stronger and ready to win through it all.

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