7 signs your spirit guide is reaching out to you

7 signs your spirit guide is reaching out to you

Spirit guides, ever heard of them? Perhaps the terms you’re familiar with are guides, enlightened beings, or energies? It doesn’t matter what you call them, just what you do with them.  

In western spiritualism, spirit guides are entities that remain as a disincarnate spirit to guide you. They can also act as protectors of a living incarnated human being. [1]

 While some people claim to have clairvoyance and clairaudience — the ability to clearly see and hear their spirit guides respectively — others choose not to believe in spirit guides, mostly because they’ve never encountered them. 

Spirit, is that you? No, it’s Mom 

You need to note that not everyone is “clairvoyant or clairaudient.”  It might just be your mom in the next room asking you to turn down the music, not a spirit. However, there are times when things happen in your life that are just too perfect for you to pass them off as a coincidence. 

Certainly, coincidences happen but when things happen in such a way that you sit down to consider all the lines that had to fall in place for them to happen, you might have to accept that there’s more to it than just patterns lining up. It actually isyour spirit.

You need to be able to discern when what is happening to you has a deeper meaning. There are signs which may help you to recognize when your spirit guide is trying to communicate with you.

Below are seven things that occur in your life when your spirit guide starts to reach out to you. 

Consistent patterns in your dreams 

You could have clear dreams or visions while sleeping or meditating. This is because when you are in these states, your mind is free and relaxed. You’re not dealing with the hustles and bustles of life. That is an ideal moment for your spirit guide to “talk to you’’ and one of the most common ways. 

Most times, we have dreams and wake up without a single memory of them. But when you remember specific details from a dream, and when you have that same dream repeatedly, then it’s time to get a paper and pen. You’ll need to keep them close to you so you can write down whatever you remember. You may find a message from your spirit guide about something important. [2]

Music on replay in your mind 

The energy from songs can be very enlightening. It can invoke certain emotions or desires within you. Your spirit guide knows just the kind of music you need during specific times in your life. It could be a song you’ve never heard before or one you haven’t listened to in a long time. Whenever you have the urge to listen to a certain song over and over again, and when the song keeps replaying in your head, listen attentively to the lyrics. You might just find the message they have for you. [3]

Using your sense of smell

More than any other sense, the sense of smell is closely linked with memory. It is highly emotive. Certain scents can evoke particular memories at certain times. For instance, the scent of a rose could remind you of your first picnic. When asked what comes to mind when you perceive the scent of a rose, you could just blurt out without thinking, ‘Picnics!’[4] Our spirit guide knows you well enough to know which smells trigger which sensations. And they will utilize this medium to reach out to you. So, the next time you’re driving and all of a sudden, the dainty scent of roses waft through your nose, that could be your spirit guide, either trying to reach out to you or simply reminding you that they’re there. 

Sensing a presence 

Just as you can tell when someone is looking at you without seeing them, there are times when you feel like you’re not alone in a room. You don’t have to get scared. Your spirit guide could just be there to let you know you’re not alone so you don’t feel sad. [5]

Reaching you via written words 

Have you ever felt the urge to laugh or cry whilst reading a book? This could be your spirit guide trying to connect with you. They’re doing this to make you feel something within you. [6] You could find yourself highlighting a passage or bookmarking a page online. Keep an open mind, and go through your previous texts or check your bookmarks. A message from your spirit guide may have been lost because you did not realize what it was at that moment.  

Penny for your thoughts? 

Quite literally, indeed.  Finding monetary change — pennies and dimes in odd places are certainly more than just coincidences. You could find them tucked into the couch, under the microwave, or in some very random places. When this happens, especially when you’re depressed or sad, it could be a sign from your guide letting you know that there’s hope and you need to cheer up. I know I feel happier when I find even a dime in my flower vase or shoe rack. 

Seeing things in sets of three 

This is one of the signs that your spirit guide wants you to know something important. Pay attention when you see things in sets of three. For instance, when you see the digits on a phone or clock, that is 2:22 or 1:11. It could also be something such as three birds of the same kind flying over you or perched on a tree. Whatever it is, just think deeply on it and try to make sense of it.

Hopefully, you won’t pass these occurrences off as mere coincidences or déjà vu the next time they happen. Take note of consistent synchronicity in your life. Acknowledge your spirit guide for what it is — a guide for your spiritual journey.

 Best of luck as you go through your spiritual awakening.


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