7 Subtle Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Time With People Who Inspire You To Level Up

7 Subtle Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Time With People Who Inspire You To Level Up

The old saying rings true: You become who you surround yourself with.

If you spend time around complacent people, you yourself will be complacent. If you hang around a group of complainers who blame other people for all of their problems, you will do the same.

On the reverse, if you surround yourself with people with open minds who work hard to better themselves and the world around them, this will undoubtedly rub off onto you. While it is obvious why you should make friends with inspiring people, there are more subtle reasons as well.

7 Reasons you should hangout with people who inspire you to level up:

1. You can learn from them.
Aspiring people tend to think outside of the box and come up with unique solutions that not only solve the problem at hand, but often end up taking care of other unforeseen issues. You can observe their thinking process, how they take action, and what they take away from every situation. You can then apply those to your own life.

2. You can fuel your own ideas.
Spending time around people who dream and are constantly focusing on self-improvement will inspire you to go after your goals as well. It will teach you to be fearless in showing your visions to the world. They will also inspire you to not give up or let setbacks get you down.

3. They can give you real life experiences.
When you surround yourself with people who have truly experienced life and have endured various challenges, you will learn that hardship and failure isn’t an end, but a lesson and a new start point. They will provide you with perspectives you might not have considered that they have learned from the places they have traveled and people they have met.

4. They will motivate you.
Being around other people who work hard and refuse to give up on their dreams will inspire you to do the same. When things get difficult, it can seem simple to give up and take an easier (albeit more mundane) path. Spending time with go-getters will re-motivate you just when you need it most. They will reinvigorate you and help you find the inspiration you needed to keep going.

5. They will diversify your world view.
There is much to be learned from other cultures and perspectives. Hanging around a group of diverse and open minded people will offer you a world’s worth of viewpoints in one friend group. This can inspire you to consider ideas and opinions that you otherwise might not have.

6. You can increase your self-awareness.
Hanging out with purposeful people who know what they want out of life will inspire you to really figure that out for yourself. People like this are not afraid to look at both their good and bad qualities and work on themselves. They will inspire you to do the same, however hard that will be, so that you, too can continue to grow and improve.

7. You will see what it is like to always be thinking outside of the box.
Some people are okay with living a life that is the same day in and day out. For inspired people, that quickly becomes boring. They want to always be improving and embracing their own uniqueness, and they will inspire you to do so as well. They will bring out the best in you, help you to see your potential and encourage you to achieve your dreams.

Everyone you meet will play a role in your life, however big or small. Make sure that the people you choose to spend the majority of your time around support and cheer you on, but also challenge you to be the best version of yourself.