7 Things Unique Only to People Who Love Staring At the Sky

7 Things Unique Only to People Who Love Staring At the Sky

There could never be an age limit for sky-gazing. At this rate, I’ll continue picking out heart and angel shapes in the clouds when I’m 80. I will never get tired of feeling excited when the horizons turn an orange shade with a hint of purple in the skyline and a bright red glow nearest to the sun. Sometimes, the azure blue would remain in patches, certain the perfect description of “a sight for sore eyes.” There are some things we should never outgrow being delighted about, and even when nothing special is happening up there, staring at the sky is one of the best ways to relax your mind and be at peace.

There are many psychological benefits of staring at the sky, and here are 7 things only people who enjoy sky-gazing will understand. 

It makes you feel special

People who love to stare at the sky move through life with a mentality of endless positivity. Staring at the sky reminds you that despite taking up such a tiny space in the universe, you are a part of something so big and endless, and no matter how large it may get, you are an important and significant part of the setup. The sky is a symbol of infinity, endlessness, and abundance.

You feel free and alive

There are no entrapments, confinements, or limits in the sky. There’s only freedom and liberation, and people who stare at the sky can always embrace these feelings and let their minds soar. You feel alive, emboldened with hope and a warm feeling of contentment. It’s no wonder people who have been indoors for a long time, perhaps in incarceration or hospitalization are always deeply thrilled to be outside. It’s not just about the fresh air and sunlight, but there’s something uniquely enlivening about being under the sky.

It brings you peace

On a brilliant day, if you were to observe the sky with a weather instrument, you’d discover that there’s always a process going on. Molecules are constantly evaporating, freezing, condensing, and moving apart, but take your eyes off the instrument and look again. The sky would look so peaceful, gentle, and punctuated with soft slow-moving clouds.  

This tells you how important it is to embrace an attitude of peace and gentility despite having so much going on in our lives. We are always busy with family, work, studies, business, but we would begin to merely exist when we let our troubles consume our inner peace. Watching the sky reminds us of how possible it to be occupied with activities and still maintain our personal peace.

Perfection in a frenzied world

 No matter how disorderly the world may be, the sky always comes through with gentle beauty and a reassuring sense of calm. Sometimes, we are often hit by life in several ways that leave us clamoring for just a hint of perfection somewhere. Looking up at the sky could often be all we need to feel better again. Even on stormy and cloudy days, the infinite perfection never pales.

It gives you an exciting curiosity

Staring at the sky makes you conscious of the bigger picture, the greater beyond. What lies further ahead? How far up does it go? Is there a way to break through from all that apparent endlessness? Are there other skies outside the earth? Sky-gazing keeps your imagination alive and active in the most exciting ways.

You’re determined to be great

The sky is a huge motivation to chase after your dreams and never give up. Sometimes, just looking up reminds you that as long as you’re alive, there should be no limitation to your abilities. The sky is a subtle reminder that there’s no such thing as “dreams too big to be accomplished.” There’s nothing on earth more far-reaching than the sky and it’s still right at the top. You can get there, too.

The sky redefines beauty

The sky is the stage that displays several natural phenomena all year long. Solar and lunar eclipses, moon phases, stars dying and being born again, meteors, rainbows, halos, aurora borealis, green flashes, and Mammatus clouds all remind us that beauty comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes, and it should never have a singular description.

Just the plain blue sky on a brilliant day is all the joyous inspiration some of us could ever need.

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