8 Signs The Universe Sends When You’re On The Wrong Path


For many intuitive people, depending on the universe for direction and guidance is an important part of life and survival. When you’re in tune with the energies around and within you, you get to feel certain vibes that may help direct your thoughts, actions, and decisions.


We’ve all experienced these intense energies at some point in our lives — that inexplicable feeling that we are doing something seriously wrong or wasting our time with a venture. It could also just be a feeling that something bad is going to happen, even though you don’t know when or where. These vibes can hit anybody at any time, whether or not they are in tune with their spirituality. You don’t have to be a psychic with a honed sixth sense to receive signs and absorb warnings from the universe. 


The universe sends good and bad signs, depending on what is going to happen and the direction your life is moving toward. There are times when you feel as though all lines are falling into pleasant places for you, days when you’re certain everything you touch would blossom. These are the good days with positive vibes. On the other hand, there are days when you’d be awash with feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, fear, and a sense of looming danger or disappointment. Most times, we’d just chalk these feelings up to an annoying mood swing, but they could be more than that. They are not always easy to make sense of, but below are 8 signs the universe often sends when you’re on the wrong path, to warn you of impending failure, disappointment, or danger.

Recurrent failure in all your endeavors

The universe may be trying to warn you of an ultimate disappointment with an endless stream of little ones. You are working your way up to something big but every single step is surprisingly a point of failure. Most people would misinterpret this as a test of faith and resilience, believing that they would come out stronger and victorious if they remained on course. While this may be the case sometimes, the universe could also be trying to warn you of a huge disappointment ahead.


Random bad weather

This may seem like a stretch since bad weather is simply natural. However, it’s quite real, especially in times of impending danger. You’ll often hear people recount tales of how unforeseen bad weather prevented them from stepping out for their homes, only to find out later that the vehicles they were supposed to be in had crashed. Sometimes, the universe sends an overpowering force to prevent you from leaving your home and walking into a tragedy.


Migraines and severe headaches

Have you ever been gearing up to kick off a plan or make a huge change in your life, but whenever you think about these plans, you are struck with a blinding migraine or a limiting headache? You may convince yourself that you are just reeling from the magnanimity of these plans, getting used to the thoughts of making such big changes, but it could be the universe trying to discourage you from continuing further down a destructive path.

A series of bad luck and awful fortune

This is one of the most popular signs of impending misfortune. When you are hit with a wave of bad luck within a day or over a short period of time, the universe could be trying to send you warning signals of more terrible things to come. Waking up an hour late for work, the water’s not running, a flat tire, both of your kids fall sick at the same time, crazy traffic on the way to work, a query for extreme tardiness at the office, a huge coffee stain on your white shirt, losing your purse at the Laundromat — when all things are working to frustrate you, you’d have to sit down and reflect on what could be going wrong.


Strange animal visits

When certain animals begin to visit your environment out of the blue and beyond their season, you may be getting a warning to reconsider your plans and decisions. A raven on the tree opposite your office window, a creepy beetle on your dashboard, a vulture on your shed roof, and other animals associated with ill luck and bad omens could be a cause for spiritual concern. 




An overwhelming feeling of nausea and dizziness when you are about to take on a venture or when certain plans flick into your head could be a sign of danger. You can’t imagine why you’d be feeling nauseous and sick, but it could be your body’s way of reacting to the negative vibes these plans are dredging up. Going further may sicken you in a worse way, so it’s best to reevaluate your plans and think things through.

Annoying losses and financial problems

Imagine you are about to go into a new business. A part of you is not sure if this venture will thrive and another part is willing to take the entrepreneurial risk. You draft a letter for a loan and on the day you’re supposed to submit it, the letter goes missing. Determined, you draft another letter and it goes missing again. Somewhere in your mind, you’d definitely get the signal that this isn’t a mere coincidence.


Sometimes, you could be hit with financial instability out of nowhere. Money suddenly starts trickling in very slowly or stops coming in at all. You could also be misplacing the funds you have or losing investments. This could be a sign that things aren’t moving on the right track.

Hurting yourself

If you’re consistently cutting your hand, slamming your head, or banging up your feet, you may be getting a warning about impending danger. Physical injuries are usually associated with a larger incident that would also affect you physically, such as an auto crash or violent assault. It’s a warning worth heeding.

In conclusion, all these signs could be simply normal and unserious, but it all depends on the energy you feel deep within your core when they happen. You must be able to isolate the feelings that come with your intuition if these signs are going to be of any use to you. When they do happen and you are convinced they are truly warning you of something, the best thing to do is to pull back and reflect on your plans and decisions. What is it that you’re planning to do that the universe wants you to retreat from? What path have you stepped onto that might bring danger or disappointment to you? Better late than never.

Always stay in tune with your inner spirit and everything will make sense as it occurs.

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