Image of 9 No Bread Sandwich That Will Stop Bloating (And stomach cramps)

9 No Bread Sandwich That Will Stop Bloating (And stomach cramps)

9Many people avoid bread for all kinds of reasons. Some just want less carbs while others need to avoid gluten. Well, here’s the good news– You can have your sandwich and eat it too!

1. barbecue salmon lettuce wraps

After two exhausting days shuffling around Disneyland like post-apocalyptical zombies, the Nombomb clan made a pledge to relax and unwind today. For breakfast, I rifled through our hosts’ well-stocked fridge and assembled a quick breakfast. I mashed up a couple of baked yams with leftover masala-spiced barbecue salmon and spooned the mixture into lettuce cups.

2. red bell pepper sandwich

Yesterday I was in a rush packing a lunch for Evleyn’s field trip. The other kids were having sandwiches and so the teacher asked if I could send some kind of sandwich on gluten free bread or something.

But gluten free bread is still processed rice flour junk food so I opted for grain free crackers instead. I bought those kale, sesame seed things you see in the health food store. But they just crumbled in our fingers.

3. paleo sweet potato buns

These Paleo sweet potato buns are long overdue! Dozens of eggs, pounds of coconut flour, several dirty dishes, and piles of tapioca dusted aprons later, I finally came up with a Paleo bun that tastes really good and not so “Paleofied.”

4. grilled eggplant sandwich

I have been envisioning this Eggplant Sandwich for a while and was just able to find an evening to make it today. It was really easy and really yummy!

I simply grilled two slices of Eggplant on the George Forman then topped one slice with Tomato, Raw Goat Milk Cheese, Basil, Mushroom, & Avocado before broiling it until the cheese melted. One the half was done, I topped it with the other half and sprinkled it with some Balsamic Vinegar.

This article was republished with permission from Wise Mind Healthy Body. You can find the remaining 5 recipes right here.