9 Reasons Why Sleeping in a Cold Room Is Better for You

9 Reasons Why Sleeping in a Cold Room Is Better for You

People often like to be snuggly and warm as they’re falling asleep at night. It can be a very comfortable sensation. Especially when you’re under warm blankets paired with the cold air of your room. However, there are some unspoken benefits to sleeping in a cold room that people are unaware of. These are some of the reasons why it might be better for you to change your sleeping methods.

1. Sleeping In A Cold Room Improves Sleep Quality

Being too hot when you’re trying to sleep can cause terrible sleep quality. Your body temperature rises naturally upon waking but can happen in the middle of the night. You may have experienced this sensation if you’ve woken up drenched in sweat at 3 A.M. Keeping your body cool by regulating the temperature of the room can help this problem. Ideally, rooms set in the range of 60 to 68 degrees give the best results for a quality slumber. (1)

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2. Fall Asleep Faster

In light of regulating the temperature in your room, you will fall asleep faster. Being too hot can cause a person to toss and turn trying to get comfortable in bed. It also forces your brain to stay awake as it tries to compensate for the level of comfortability you’re in. Adjusting the temperature to a colder setting will make it easier for you to fall asleep without too much fuss. In addition, doing this will encourage your body and brain that it’s time to go to bed now. (1)

3. Sleeping In A Cold Room Reduces Visible Aging

You might be rolling your eye’s at this, however, this is a very true aspect of sleep. As your body sleeps comfortably in a cold room, it produces a chemical in your brain known as melatonin. Melatonin is known to be an anti-aging chemical that also promotes healthier sleeping habits. The more you are able to sleep uninterrupted, the more melatonin your body is able to produce. (1)

4. Prevents Insomnia

Sleeping in a cold room can also help prevent those who have chronic insomnia problems. A study shows that people with insomnia actually have a much hotter core temperature than others. People who are consistently running a high body temperature find it difficult to get a good night’s rest. However, adjusting your room temperature or altering your sleeping methods can help a lot. It may be worthwhile to invest in some fans for your room or perhaps sleeping without clothes on. (1)

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5. Reduces Risk Of Disease

As we mentioned the brain chemical melatonin before, it can also help in other ways. This includes the reduced risk of developing disease such as type 2 diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. Melatonin is considered an antioxidant with the power to pass through the blood-brain barrier. While colder temperatures promotes glucose disposal. Additionally, beige and brown fats that increase during cold temperatures that help burn more calories. (1)

6. Sleeping In A Cold Room Improves Our Mood

You’ll find that changing the temperature in your room can actually improve your overall mood as well. This is because your body was able to get a good night’s rest from sleeping in a cold room. Another reason is because your body is full of melatonin that is turning into serotonin. This brain chemical is derived from melatonin and is known to amplify your good mood. (1)

7. Decreases Your Stress

With consecutive night’s of being well-rested, your stress will significantly reduce. Since your overall mood is boosted from melatonin and serotonin your body will be active and energetic all day long. The more you are able to practice healthy sleeping habits the better results you will see in your sleeping patterns. It’s hard to bring someone down that woke up on the right side of the bed. (1)

8. Reduces Metabolic Disease

To put it simply, getting healthy sleep can actually help you lose weight. Beige and brown fats are actually contrary to their terminology. These types of fats are able to help your body burn calories in your sleep instead of storing them. Many people are unaware of this process that occurs during their sleep cycle. However, it is important that you are able to maintain a healthy sleep schedule on top of exercise and a healthy diet. (1)

9. Sleeping In A Cold Room Increases Melatonin Production

Even though we have mentioned melatonin a lot in this article, it is very important to understand it. Your sleep is a detrimental piece of your overall health and producing melatonin is something your body requires. This powerful brain chemical is multi-faceted for a reason. However, it is just one piece of the puzzle in order to maintain a healthy way of sleeping. There are four different types of feel-good brain chemicals that your brain thrives on. Melatonin, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Dopamine. All of these are extremely crucial to you and your happiness as a whole. (1)

There are a lot of tips and tricks as to how you can cool down your room. We recommend by setting your thermostat to the proper temperature or reducing the amount of blankets you sleep under. Comfortable sleep is important and we must treat our bodies mindfully.

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