Acupressure: How to Get Rid Of a Headache in Five Minutes without Using Medications

Acupressure: How to Get Rid Of a Headache in Five Minutes without Using Medications

What’s more frustrating than being swamped with work in the middle of the day and some blinding headache decides to pay you a non-courtesy visit? Popping down so much ibuprofen and aspirin isn’t healthy in any well. These medications are NSAIDS and shouldn’t be taken excessively to prevent a host of side effects, commonly stomach ulcers. 

If you’re prone to headaches, toothaches, eye fatigue, and migraines, learning other means of relieving pain is essential to maintaining optimum health and reducing medicine intake. One such means is acupressure.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese alternative therapy similar to acupuncture but without the needles. It involves the manual application of pressure to specific points on the body believed to be lines of energy. This method has been used to relieve pain, nausea, and treat depression and anxiety.

Studies and research over the years have provided evidence on the efficacy of acupressure in reducing several types of body pain, which include dysmenorrhea, low back pain, and labor pain.

According to a review on Relias Media, “Current research evidence supports that acupressure is effective for reducing the risk of nausea and vomiting in high-risk, postoperative patients, in pregnant patients, and possibly in cancer patients. There is consistent evidence of efficacy for reducing dysmenorrhea, low back pain, and labor pain. Acupressure appears to improve sleep quality in elderly institutionalized patients, and reduces fatigue in patients with chronic renal failure.” [1]

The six lines of energy for getting rid of headaches

There are over 1,000 points for acupressure (and acupuncture) on the body. Below are the six most relevant points to note when dealing with a headache. [2]

The Yintang Point

This is located at the glabella, the midpoint between the inner/medial ends of the eyebrows. It is also called the point of the third eye and is one of the most powerful acupressure locations in the body. By instinct, a lot of people rub their glabella when they are having a difficult day and it’s getting to their heads.

Massaging the Yintang helps to relieve headaches, eye fatigue, and calm the Shen (a person’s spirit).

The Zhan Zhu Points

Simultaneously massaging the symmetrical points directly below the eyebrows at the outer edges is a great remedy for relieving headaches caused by the common cold and flu. Make circular movements for one minute to relieve a runny nose and reduce eye fatigue.

Yingxiang Points 

These symmetrical points are located in the middle of the space beneath the nostrils and above the lips, in line with the eyes. These points have a direct link to toothache reduction and they help to clear blocked sinuses. They also help to reduce headaches and relieve stress.

The Tian Zhu Points

To locate these points, feel your spine on both sides and trace upwards to the hairline at the back of your head. Massage them to relieve severe headaches, migraines, eye pain, and nasal congestion.

Shuai Ghu Points

When your headache is focused on the temporal region close to the eyes, massaging the Shuai Ghu points can help to relieve the pain. To locate these points, feel 2 cm upwards right above the ears, or 2–3 cm from the hairline at the temples.

He Gu Points

It may look like a stretch, but these points are actually helpful in headache relief. The He Gu points are symmetrical points located at the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. Gently massage them one after the other to relieve headaches, stress, tension, back pain, and neck tension.

While the acupressure points have been proven to be effective, seek professional medical advice if your headaches are chronic and these techniques aren’t helping. They may be related to an underlying physical or mental health condition.

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