Appreciate People Who Can See These Three Things In You

Appreciate People Who Can See These Three Things In You

We all get wrapped up in our own lives sometimes. We become so focused on our own problems, needs, and desires that we don’t see what’s happening in the lives of those around us. 

This becomes difficult when you are the one suffering, and you don’t feel like anyone around you is paying attention, or cares to find out. When you find that one special person – maybe it’s a friend, a cousin, or a romantic partner – who can see through your polite smiles or “random” outbursts and help you to work through them rather than get angry or upset, you hold onto them. This person will have three specific traits:

1. They see the sorrow behind your smile
This person is so in-tune with the most finite details of your body language and the energy that you put out that they know when your smile is covering up something deeper. They see your sadness, and will pull you aside or wait until it’s just the two of you to find out what’s wrong. They can tell you are sad and they want to be there to help you find happiness again.

2. They see the love behind your anger
This special person understands when your anger, whether with them or something happening around you, is coming from a place of love. They know that you are angry with them because you love them so much that seeing them do something that jeopardizes their health or happiness upsets them deeply. They do not take it personally, instead, they let you vent out your frustrations, hear what you have to say, and do not respond in an attacking manner. They help to diffuse your anger, not fuel it further.

3. They see the reason behind your silence
This person can tell when you are uncomfortable, upset, or scared. They know what you are feeling without you having to express it in words, and they know what to do to make it better. Whether they speak out against something because they know you are too afraid or they know when you haven’t responded to their messages to just go over to your house, they understand that you are silent because things are not okay.

Relationships like this are extremely rare. To find someone who has taken the time to get to know you so well that they can look beyond what you are putting out on the surface is like finding a real diamond in a sea of fake ones. Hold onto that person, and don’t forget to do the same for them. Together, you can make it through everything life tries to put in your path.

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