Snuggle Coats: Australian Organization Is Giving Fur Back to the Animals

Snuggle Coats: Australian Organization Is Giving Fur Back to the Animals

Let’s face it. Real fur was once the hype. They are soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. However, as sensitization about the brutal implications of wearing a fur coat rises, more companies and individuals are pulling the plug and embracing faux fur. But while some are scrapping it from their collections, others are insistent on producing and selling it. [1]

Inside fur farms 

The method of getting fur from animals is very cruel. For one fur to be produced, 12 lynxes, 60 minks, 40 rabbits, 10 to 24 foxes, and 6–12 seals have to be killed. For chinchillas, the number goes up to 200. The process of killing these animals is indeed sickening. Firstly, they are deprived of any quality of life by being raised in battery cages. They are sometimes transported for days without water or food and are unable to perform their natural, instinctual behaviors.

After long months of suffering, these animals are killed either by gassing, electrocution, hanging, and in some cases, by breaking their necks, skinning them alive, or beating them to death. These brutal methods are carried out in a way that ensures minimal damage to their pelts.

Some fur-producing companies even go as far as employing wildlife traps to capture some of these animals. Since wildlife traps aren’t selective or discriminatory, they end up capturing other animals which are ‘not useful’. These animals end up dying a pointless and very painful death.

The victims of this cruelty include foxes, mink, wallabies, dogs, possums, wallabies, chinchilla, martens, coyotes, otters, seals, bears, lynxes, beavers, cats, squirrels, and raccoons. Rabbits are not left out. In fact, they are among the most frequently bred animals for fur production. 

Snuggle Coats

An Australian-based organization has taken initiative and have found a way to turn this heartbreaking situation into something heartwarming: They are donating unwanted and old fur garments to wildlife rescues to comfort animals. [2]

Although it doesn’t cover the scope of this problem, it makes it slightly better. If we cannot totally stop this madness, we can make amends and try to be kinder. So, if you have fur garments hidden away in your closet, it’s time to donate them.

If you are still finding it difficult to part with that fur coat, these cute pictures of animals nestling in Snuggle Coat furs will definitely convince you.

Dead animals are not a fashion statement 

Play your own part.

In addition to donating your old fur, you can take it a step further by: 

  • Taking the pledge to be fur-free.
  • Being alert in order to differentiate between real and faux fur.
  • Educating your friends, family, or colleagues who love wearing real fur.
  • Reminding them that there’s nothing stylish about fur. 
  • Encouraging them to show compassion to the animals who have to die for that piece of clothing to be produced. 
  • More importantly, encouraging them to go faux. You can’t tell the difference these days.

More on Snuggle Coats

Snuggle Coats is a not-for-profit charity that was founded in August 2014. They accept donations for real fur in whatever form and condition they are in. These donations are disassembled and passed on to animal groups to rehabilitate animals in their care. [3]

So far, more than  1100 fur items (stoles, hats, coats, capes) have been donated to this organization. They, in return, have sent about 150 Snuggle parcels to 130 animal welfare groups, Wildlife Parks and Animal Carers in Australia.

If you have any fur to donate or need more information, contact Snuggle Coats today. 


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