Bald Men Are Sexier, More Masculine, Scientific Study Finds

Bald Men Are Sexier, More Masculine, Scientific Study Finds

I totally agree.

Men love being perceived as dominant, primal, and just downright sexy. Could bald be their new charm? Is it time to stop feeling bad about hair loss and embrace it as a welcome development? The shiny, hairless gang could be the next big thing in men’s style.

A recent study reports that the bald look which has been sported by middle-aged men for ages is now wildly attractive, and the younger generation isn’t letting the opportunity slip past their fingers.

Bald: The New Sexy

Whoever imagined it would get to this point?

There was a time when men loathed baldness as it contributed to low levels of self-esteem, anxiety, and depression

It wasn’t uncommon to see a newly balding man frantically searching for effective solutions, spending loads of money in the hopes of reversing the process or at the very least, slowing it down. They even had to invent man wigs as a desperate solution.

Well, were they just unlucky or what? These days, going bald or shaving your hair down to the skin could just put your right at the top of every woman’s dream list, according to lead researcher Dr. Frank Muscarella from Florida’s Barry University. Muscarella’s male participants were rated in four quadrants: physical attractiveness, aggressiveness, appeasement, and social maturity ranging from honesty to intelligence and social status.

The participants were divided into two groups. One group scored photos of men who had full heads of hair. The other group would score the same men, but with their hair computer digitally removed.

At the end of the study, the researchers discovered that bald men were perceived as more intelligent, more honest, sexier, and stronger. And with some of the best looking men in Hollywood being bald (think Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, and Dwayne Johnson to name a few), it’s no wonder why the study also found that bald men are sexier and more masculine.

The Process of Balding

Balding happens differently for every man.

For most, it can be a slow process ranging from several years to a few decades. Generally, balding does not happen overnight. You can’t wake up to find that all your hair is suddenly gone. 

Research has shown that approximately 66% of men lose a considerable amount of hair by the time they turn 35. Almost 90% would have lost all their hair at the age of 55. The latter is also heightened by the fact that most balding men would choose to shave the several remaining tufts of hair, instead of combing them over.

Baldness is largely caused by having a family history of balding genetics. Research shows that the androgen receptor gene is implicated in male pattern baldness. The androgen receptor gene plays an important role in growth regulation.

If you’ve ever felt bad about your hair loss, well, now is the time to smirk in a lop-sided smile. Even science has proven that most women would reach for you in a heartbeat! If you want to add a more smoldering effect, grow a beard. You’d be irresistible.


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