The UNBELIEVABLE ways your sleep, stress and sex life will change when you start sleeping NAKED

The UNBELIEVABLE ways your sleep, stress and sex life will change when you start sleeping NAKED

Americans are chronically overstressed, overworked and exhausted, resulting in feelings of unhappiness, loneliness and problems with love-making. In fact, about 1 in 10 people are now taking antidepressants of some sort in an effort to seek relief from the stress and isolation that our modern lifestyle seems to demand.

What if there were a simpler solution to our problems? Recent studies have shown that people who sleep in the nude may enjoy higher measures of happiness, better sleep and increased pleasure and passion with their significant other. If slumbering sans pajamas could possibly make such a big difference in our life, maybe its time to lose our sense of modesty and jump under the covers in only our birthday suits!


Sleeping in the Buff for a Better Night’s Rest

Our circadian rhythm is essentially the biologically dictated ebb and flow of our energy and sleep drives. Studies have shown that a dip in body temperature is essential to drifting off to sleep and maintaining deep sleep cycles. Sleeping in pajamas could interfere with your body’s effort to cool itself, translating into difficulty sleeping and feeling fatigued and moody the following day.

Resting Au Naturel is for Lovers

Sleeping naked beside your partner can help to bolster and support healthy love-making. When we enjoy skin-on-skin contact with a loved one, our body produces a hormone called oxytocin. Referred to as the bonding, love or cuddle hormone, oxytocin is released after even just a short period of time of physical contact. Waking up naked next to your partner and enjoying some snuggles and physical closeness strengthens your relationship, reduces stress and makes you happier.

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