Image of Big Brother Gets Tattoo of Little Brother with Down’s Syndrome On Arm, He Loves It

Big Brother Gets Tattoo of Little Brother with Down’s Syndrome On Arm, He Loves It


Some people would agree that there are two types of people: the type who loves their siblings and the type who doesn’t… But today’s story is such solid proof that there’s truly nothing on earth like having a brother or a sister! If you were lucky enough to have one (or several) siblings growing up, you know that through thick and thin and all the ups and downs, they’re your companion for life.

Brother Bond Goes Viral

This Facebook video of Rafa showing his younger brother Erick (who has Down’s syndrome) his latest tattoo, has gone viral with more than 10,000 reactions, 1,700 shares, and 421,000+ views. (And counting!)

The video shows a sweet Erick admiring every detail of Rafa’s tattoo (which features Erick’s face in a lion’s head). Immediately, you can witness the pure delight and joy spread across his face. He’s completely and utterly in love with it, especially knowing that it’s him on his brother’s arm.

Soares Sheila’s Facebook


The precious moment was captured by Rafa and Erick’s mother Soares Sheila. In the caption, she praises her boys for their beautiful friendship and strong bond.

“Look at my puppy’s reaction to the beautiful tribute, his face tattooed inside a lion’s mouth. The video is EXCITING. That’s why I saw Rafa asking Erick to make a brave face.”

People from all around the globe have been sharing their heartfelt reactions with the brothers:

“I hope that my children are like yours, affectionate with each other, I hope God continues to bless your family.”

“One of the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen.”

The Moment Rafa (right) Revealed His Tattoo of Erick (left)

Watch the video below! It’s such a pure reaction and is a testament to the deep bond shared between siblings.

Final Note

We often take our siblings for granted. We believe they will always be there to guide us or to annoy us every single day of our lives. However, a sibling is truly one of the best treasures that we can have in life. So, even though you might not always tell your brothers and sisters that you love them, this video might just make you want to do that today! 🙂