How to burn A TON of calories every day without actually exercising at all

How to burn A TON of calories every day without actually exercising at all

Increasingly busy lifestyles, skyrocketing gym membership prices, and, let’s be honest, some pretty amazing shows on Netflix, are making working out these days much harder, meaning fat is sticking around for longer.

If you want to blast belly fat, but aren’t very comfortable in a gym environment, there are loads of ways you can make exercise part of your daily routine without even thinking about it. Here are our top 10 ways to shred the calories you eat throughout the day, without once stepping onto a treadmill or lifting a dumbbell.

1. Dancing

So much fun, and so easy to do (even if you totally lack rhythm), squeeze a little dance party into your day and in 20 minutes you’ll shake off 100 calories. Dance like nobody’s watching!

2. Singing

This goes hand in hand with our first tip, and you might be surprised to learn that singing burns 136 calories an hour.

Spend your car journeys belting it out to the radio for a great workout even though your movement is limited, and even if your passengers are tired of your Taylor Swift impressions.

3. Laughing

Laughter really is the best medicine. It can reduce stress and anxiety, and better yet, it burns a ton of calories. 20 minutes of laughter will blast away as many as 67 calories, so if you aren’t very good at tips 1 & 2, have a good laugh about it, and still burn those cals.

4. Shopping

Yes, you read that right, shopping shifts calories. If you think of yourself as a fashionista, you can burn on average 11 calories for each outfit you try on.

When it comes to grocery shopping, 45 minutes of cart-pushing will burn 117 calories. That’s what I call retail therapy!

5. Sex

Let’s be honest, we don’t need any additional reasons to convince us to have sex, but you might be pleased to know that an hour of foreplay and sex will burn 100 calories.

6. Cleaning

If you haven’t pulled out the vacuum cleaner or feather duster for a while, get your house and body in shape at the same time by cleaning. Clean your car too, and you can burn an additional 200 calories in just 40 minutes.

7. Furniture Re-Arranging

If any rooms in your house need a bit of a shake-up to inject life into them, just 15 minutes of shifting furniture can shift 100 calories from your body.

8. Gardening

Now your house and car are in order, get out into your garden and shape that up too. Not only does being outside surrounded by greenery improve mood and reduce stress, but uprooting weeds for just 25 minutes uproots almost 130 calories from your body.

9. Fidgeting

It might drive you crazy if your kids are constantly fidgeting at the dinner table, but take a leaf from their book, and you could actually benefit. Research shows that people who fidget actually burn 350 more calories a day than non-fidgeters, so get toe-tapping, finger drumming, and butt-shifting!

10. Massaging

After a stressful day, getting a massage is absolute bliss and will help properly relax you, preparing you for sleep. The easiest way to guarantee yourself a massage? Give one first, and in doing so, you’ll melt 100 calories in just 20 minutes.

Simply by moving around more throughout your day and finding fun and productive ways of doing so, you can really clock up an impressive amount of burnt calories. Combine this with a healthy diet full of a range of nutrients, and the weight will fall off.

Do you have any tips for introducing more movement into your day? Share them in the comments.


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