20 Things You Can Do in 20 Minutes to Burn Fat, Reduce Anxiety and Clear Your Mind

20 Things You Can Do in 20 Minutes to Burn Fat, Reduce Anxiety and Clear Your Mind

If you barely have time to take care of yourself, relax and unwind, you’re not alone! When we put others before ourselves, we often neglect of physical and mental well-being. In the short term, this can induce serious stress and immune system suppression. In the long term, this can exacerbate into mental health issues and chronic, fatal illnesses.

The good news, we all have 20 minutes. Treat your body, mind and soul with these 20 ways to take care of yourself in 20 minutes or less. The results, we promise, will be mind blowing. By simply incorporating small and attainable, yet effective and trans-formative.

Treat Your Mind and Soul in 20 Ways


  1. Take a 20 minute walk at a comfortable pace. Just enough to break a sweat and clear your mind.
  2. Create a to-do list of tasks to accomplish that day. Better yet, prioritize them so ensure you stay focused and anxiety-free!
  3. Take a multi-vitamin and wash it down with a healthy green smoothie – filled with body-loving ingredients like kale and spinach.
  4. Write in a gratitude journal. This doesn’t need to be intimidating, simply write a daily list 5 things you’re grateful for. This can range from anything to the gorgeous weather to your health. Be creative!
  5. Write down your goals and aspirations and post them somewhere you frequent to hold yourself accountable. Life can be overwhelming; checking in on your short and long term goals on a regular basis will keep you mentally sharp and driven.
  6. Write a diary. Sometimes, to de-stress all you need to do is release and vent. The easiest way to achieve this is to write down your feelings in a private diary, with no hesitation or filter. Not only will this relieve stress, but it can often help you work out mental struggles you’ve been battling with.
  7. Straight up your desk and remove visible clutter. Being productive and effective with your time can be easily distracted and sabotaged by a dirty cluttered desk. Create a clean and neat work environment to reduce stress and boost productivity.
  8. Quickly clean up your house before heading out the door. There’s nothing more stressful than ending a long hectic day and entering a messy dirty home. Do yourself a favor and do a quick tidy or clean of your space to ensure you’re not left with that chore later in the day.
  9. Drink 2 large glasses of water. By now, the importance of drinking water for optimal health isn’t news. But, we often forget to make time for this simple yet effective practice. Take a few minutes out of your day to get a chunk of our daily recommended H2O out of the way.
  10. Eat cucumbers or high water content fruits and vegetables. Staying hydrated doesn’t always mean drinking plain water. By adding water-filled, hydrating foods into your diet, you will supply your body with extra water and a bonus of digestive-boosting fiber. Kill two birds with one stone!
  11. Make a gorgeous healthy salad. Don’t fall for the trap that salads need to be boring, tasteless and monotonous. Treat yourself to a colorful salad that’s bursting with flavor to keep you body healthy and mind sane!
  12. Take a 20 minute power nap. Naps’ have been long touted for their impressive physical and mental benefits. Carve out 20 minutes of your hectic day for shut eye to reboot your mental focus and physical energy.
  13. Complete a small random task or errand you’ve been putting off. In the long term, procrastination breeds stress. Don’t let small to-do’s build up; tackle something small and manageable whenever you have 20 minutes to spare. You’re mind will be freed of unnecessary stress and anxiety!
  14. Bend down touch your toes, then reach up towards the sky. Repeat. Sure, this may seem simple, but this simple stretching sequences (which can be added onto to with yoga or other stretching moves) can do wonders for your flexibility, mobility and even mindfulness!
  15. Listen to your favorite music and dance like no one’s watching. There’s a reason behind the popularity of the phrase: dance like no one’s watching. It works! This stress-busting, happiness-boosting practice is a simple and fun gift to yourself.
  16. Pick up the phone and call a friend or loved one. In our technology-obsessed and hectic lives, we often forget to connect with others on a deep and meaningful level. Not only will your loved one on the other end of the line be happy you reached out to catch up, you’ll feel more connected and present upon hanging up. Everybody wins!
  17. Take a hot bath with all the fixin’s! Treat yourself to a spa-like experience with a hot bath, soothing music, candles and follow it up with a natural moisturizer to pamper your skin. Feel all your stress and anxiety melt away.
  18. Write up affirmations and post them around your house. This simple investment of writing down quotes or sayings that resonate with you, then posting them around your house to see and absorb on a daily basis is life changing.
  19. Breath deeply. Throughout a hectic day. we often to forget to breath – with purpose. Whether you choose to breath mindfully while completing another task or sit still and focus, the surge of oxygen delivered to your brain and blood will leave you feeling energized and unstoppable.
  20. Meditate. Meditation has become increasingly popular for a reason: it works! Whether you choose to embark on a mantra mediation or simply a mindful pause in your busy day, this mental escape will re-balance and center you.

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