Image of These children were asked ‘what is love?’ Their answers will MELT your heart!

These children were asked ‘what is love?’ Their answers will MELT your heart!

Although children lack experience, education, essential life skills and, in many situations, common sense, they make up for it by having a pure, unadulterated view of the world.

Although they may not have opinions on subjects like politics or the psychological effects of social stigma, if you ask them about love you are sure to get an honest, surprisingly accurate and undeniably cute answer.

Their answers are simple, straightforward and will probably make you question a lot of the opinions that you have formed on the concept of love throughout your (relatively) many years of being alive.

These answers from children in response to the question “What is love?” range from slightly melancholy to laugh-out-loud hilarious, but all of them are incredibly adorable. Take a look and tell us what you think.







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