Image of The miraculous coconut milk kefir recipe that can heal your gut and prevent tumors

The miraculous coconut milk kefir recipe that can heal your gut and prevent tumors

I don’t know about you, but I’d pick the taste of coconut milk over regular milk any day! My whole family loves the taste of food with this delicious ingredient, and it’s a great alternative for people who can’t or choose not to consume regular milk. With that, and the knowledge of how healthy coconuts are, why not make a kefir with coconut milk? Today, we will go through a simple recipe that does just that!

Why Kefir? Why Coconuts?

Kefir is a healthful drink that does wonders for the digestive system. The digestive system works to make the food we eat turn into energy and nutrients our body needs, as well as get rid of waste. When the digestive system doesn’t work well or efficiently, it can have a real impact on our body and daily life (think Irregular Bowel Syndrome). An unhealthy gut can lead to health problems, including IBS.

Therefore, the work our digestive system does is crucial, giving power to our other body parts. Kefir also can help restore a good balance of good bacteria in the gut, and help heal digestive problems. Whatever tender love and care we show it will serve us. Some people suggest yoghurt, but kefir has even more probiotics than yoghurt, and you can drink it on the go!

It also has plenty of vitamin D, which is so important for us. Not enough of it can lead to a host of problems, and it’s not always easy for us to get enough of it, especially in North America. Some people can experience a lot of fatigue due to not having enough vitamin D in their system. Some can experience skin problems due to lacking it. Rickets are also caused by not enough vitamin D.

That’s not fun for a fun and healthy life! Lack of vitamin D can also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cognitive impairment later in age, asthma and cancer! The good news is, kefir has anti-cancerous properties, with the probiotics in it decreasing the chance of tumours and strengthening the immune system.

Kefir also contains other key nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, B12 and B13. It also is a strong antibacterial. It can lower the risk of osteoporosis and better our bones. Not only is it a good source of calcium, it can also help our bones absorb the calcium in our bodies better.

It is generally tolerable for people with lactose intolerance, as the enzyme lactase in kefir  takes up the lactose in the dairy before it gets to us. However, to totally avoid dairy, we can drink down kefir made from coconut milk!

Why Coconuts?

Why sub in our milk with coconut milk? Coconuts are a highly nutritious option. In fact, coconut trees are called kalpa vriksha in sanskrit, which means the “tree that gives all that is necessary for living.” It is high in fibre, which is great for digestive health.

It also has healthful nutrients such as vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6. On top of that, it is rich with iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. We want to make kefir out of this stuff!

What about the fats? It is better not to have too many fats of any kind. However, we can be assured that most of the fats in coconut milk are indeed the good kind. For example, the lauric acid turns into monolaurin, a potent antiviral and antibacterial ingredient very useful for our bodies.

Research also shows that these fats are good at improving cholesterol levels and bettering the heart. Coconut milk prevents dehydration and fatigue. These plentiful health benefits of coconuts and coconut milk really show why it’s such a great alternative to milk in our kefir!

So… how do we make this coconut milk kefir?

Coconut Milk Kefir


Making coconut milk kefir is surprisingly easy. gives us a dairy-free recipe.


  • 1/4 cup water kefir

  • 2-4 cups coconut milk


  1. Mix the two liquids in together.

  2. Cover the mixture and let rest for 24 hours.

  3. Voila! We have our coconut milk kefir. And with that, I leave you to it! 🙂


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