Image of 10 Things Every Cyclist Wants Drivers to Know

10 Things Every Cyclist Wants Drivers to Know


Cats and Dogs. Montagues and Capulets. Yankees and Red Sox. When it comes to groups of people who don’t always get along, these are some of the standouts. Who’s missing do you ask? What about Drivers and Cyclists?

It’s true. More and more we’re seeing video footage taken from the point of views of cyclists and drivers during accidents. These videos circulate social media and people from around the world are able to weigh in on the issue. It’s clear that there is a strong line between the two groups, and no love is lost on either side.

10 Things Cyclists Want Drivers To Remember


1. They are not trying to tick you off or slow you down.

Cyclists don’t wake up every morning looking forward to a day of slowing you down. They are just trying to get to places, just like you. They just happen to be using two wheels and their legs to get there.

2. They’re not trying to get in the way, just be safe.

Cyclists understand it’s tough to share the road, especially when it comes to passing. After a few close calls, it’s common for cyclists to take up more of the road, just until there is enough room for cars to pass with enough room for everyone.

3. A lot of cyclists have been in the driver seat.

More than likely, cyclists have also driven cars before and chances are they’ve experienced what it’s like to share the road with cyclists. So they understand where you’re coming from and have experienced a lot of what you experience.

4. A couple of bad apples doesn’t mean throw out the bushel.

There are those cyclists that don’t respect the rules of the road and fly through stop signs and red lights. That doesn’t mean they all do it. We’ve all rolled through a stop sign on a dead intersection, but most cyclists respect the rules of the road on busier streets. They want to get home safe, just like you.

5. There are a couple of bad apples out there, though.

With any group of people, there are gonna be a few of them that are just plain unreasonable. The same goes for cyclists and drivers. Let’s try and forget any unpleasant interactions we may have had in the past and judge everyone we meet by their actions, and not those of others.


6. Pedestrians rule the sidewalks, not us.

While it might seem like a good idea for cyclists to use the sidewalk, it actually puts pedestrians in danger. Men, women, and children all use those paths to walk on and could be in danger from fast moving bicycles, that’s why they share the road with cars.

7. Riding in pairs is better for everyone.

When you see a group of riders that are all riding in pairs, it may seem unfair that they’re taking up more of the road. Actually, it’s safer for everyone because the time and distance it takes to pass a group riding side-by-side is a lot less than a strung out single file line.

8. Cycling is growing.

More and more people are joining the world of cycling and all of the benefits that you get, both for health and the environment. This means that there are going to be more and more cyclist and driver interactions than before.

9. They’re a lot like you.

Cyclists and drivers are more alike than people might think. They both have families that they love, and families that love them back. When they leave the house, they always expect to come back. It’s important that people remember that there is a bigger picture than one moment on one road in the world.

10. They just want to get along.

It’s important that the conversation changes from cyclists against drivers to a way that everyone can share the road in peace. They aren’t there to get in the way, and they know that drivers aren’t trying to always run them off the road. Once conversations start being more positive, we can start to implement real change.

There it is, plain and simple. Whether on a bike or in a car, we’re all just people trying to get home. So let’s make sure we all get there, safe and sound.