Dad Takes Daughter on The Cutest “Date” Ever

Dad Takes Daughter on The Cutest “Date” Ever

Traditionally dad’s have long dreaded the day their daughters begin to date. No boy is ever going to be good enough for their little princess. But you know that day is going to come eventually. How then, does a parent prepare their child to be treated with respect by others?

Meet Aaron Dickson and his adorable 3-year-old daughter, Analynne. Aaron dressed to impress– in a suit and tie– and showed up on his own doorstep for a scheduled daddy-daughter date. He compliments her, tells her he loves her, and pulls out her chair for her. The table is decked out with flowers and princess themed dinnerware. They spend some great one-on-one time having dinner in the garden, followed by some fun at the park.[1]


Setting The Precedent

As parents, we model positive behavior for our children. We let them know what they should expect and how they deserve to be treated. We show them that they are deserving of our time, and in turn, they become aware that they are worthy of time from their friends and, in future, romantic partners.

Particularly if you have more than one child, it’s really important to set aside time for each of them to spend one-one time with each parent. Here are some great ideas to try:

1. Do Their Favorite Activity.

Whatever his favorite thing is… do that. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It could be coloring at the kitchen table or kicking a ball around in the yard.[2]

2. Have a Picnic.

Pack her favorite foods, Make a playlist of his favorite songs. Bring a comfy blanket to sit and eat on. Bring a book to read for after lunch or go explore nature.[2]

3. Arts and Crafts.

Children are very creative. Harness that creativity by painting pottery, necklaces, origami or making things out of everyday household items. These make great keepsakes. Make sure to put a date on the crafts you make together.[2]

4. Go to a Carnival or Fair.

There is plenty of excitement to be had at the fair. Cotton candy, fun houses, midway rides, and games go hand-in-hand with kids. You’ll experience plenty of laughter together. Watch his eyes light up when you win him a stuffed animal.[2]

5. See a Play or a Movie.

There is no shortage of kids shows playing at the local movie theatre. There are many Broadway show’s created with children in mind. The Lion King, Frozen, Aladdin, and classics like Annie, to name a few.[2,3]

6. Go Shopping.

Set a budget in advance. Or it could simply be window shopping. This is more about spending time together than it is about spending money.[2]

7. Try Geo-caching.

What child doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt in nature? This is a great alternative to being stuck in the house playing a video game with little interaction with each other.[2]

8. Have a Dinner Date.

Take your child to their favorite place or find a new one to try together. This is a great opportunity to chat and connect with them over dinner.[2]

9. Take a Class Together.

This could be anything that your child is interested in. Here are some to choose from: dance, art, cooking, music or sports classes.[2,4]

10. Have a Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Make a list of items to take pictures of. Tailor the list to the age of your child. You can create a list as a surprise or have her help you.[2,5]

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