3 dairy-free cheese recipes for lactose intolerant people that CAN’T stop eating cheese

3 dairy-free cheese recipes for lactose intolerant people that CAN’T stop eating cheese

You LOVE cheese, but cheese doesn’t love you. But, trust me, it’s not the worst thing that’s happened to you; I know from experience. Keep reading for the tastiest ways to eat cheese without all the dairy.

Lactose and Dairy Intolerance Symptoms

stomach cramp

If you suspect you might have a sensitivity to lactose and dairy products in general, it’s important to listen to your body. By continuing to eat foods that don’t agree with you, you can end up with chronic inflammation in your gut, which leads to much bigger problems like toxins leaking into your bloodstream and for some people, cancers of the colon or stomach.

But don’t get ahead of yourself. Here’s what to look out for, if you’re not sure:

  • Stomach Aches or cramps
  • Hives
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Gas
  • Bloating

Dairy-Free Cheese (That Still Tastes Delicious)

For those of us who are eating dairy-free, there are still lots of ways to enjoy cheese! My favorites are nutritional yeast, daiya “cheese”, and homemade cheese.

Nutritional Yeast

You might already be familiar with this vegan option, but if not, it’s a form of cheese-tasting deactivated yeast that is filled with protein, fiber, Vitamin B6 & B12, and zinc. What it doesn’t have is fat, cholesterol, or hardly any sodium. This is actually a great healthy cheese option for anyone, regardless of food allergies.

You can easily use nutritional yeast by sprinkling it on kale chips, making a dairy-free mac ‘n’ cheese, or mixing it in with a vegetarian chili! Watch this short clip for more information!

Daiya Cheese

When I first tried Daiya cheese, I couldn’t believe how much it felt and tasted like actual cheese. I was very impressed. Daiya offers a massive selection of products, from shredded cheese to blocks of cheese to cream cheese. A cheese for every occasion! Not only that, true cheese-lovers can buy specific types of dairy-free cheese like Monterey Jack or Havarti.

You can check out this awesome brand here: https://daiyafoods.com/why-daiya/daiya-difference/.

Nut Milk Cheese

Making your own dairy-free cheese from scratch is a lot easier than many people think! It ends up being a lot cheaper and healthier than any you buy from the store, and you can easily experiment with added herbs and spices (I’ve tried this with some thyme and rosemary, and it turned out awesome!).

While the whole process takes up just less than two days, most of that time is waiting for your almonds to soften up. I highly recommend giving it a shot at least once!

What You Need:

What to Do:

  1. Soak almonds in water for 1 full day and night. Drain and rinse.
  2. Puree all ingredients until creamy
  3. Place a mesh strainer lined with 3 extra layers of cheese cloth over a bowl. Spoon your mix into the strainer, and place the whole thing in the fridge for 12 hours.
  4. Place your strained mix into a small baking pan, bake for 40 minutes at 350°F. Serve immediately warm (yum, fondue!), or put back in the fridge and use for your favorite cheesy dishes!

There you have it, folks! Which one is your favorite?








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