Did You Know Souls Choose Their Families and Friends Before Birth?

Did You Know Souls Choose Their Families and Friends Before Birth?

Have you ever wondered if being alive and connected to your friends and family is all predetermined? Or if we have a semblance of choice or control of our fate? Many people believe the latter to be the case but just how accurate is this assertion?

Nothing happens by mistake! This is the key takeaway message from people who argue that the soul’s able to choose its destiny before it is even conceived. The human soul is aware before birth and remains so even after we exhaust the time we have with our body. After death, the soul simply searches for a new body to occupy.

Souls can be born and re-born throughout different lifetimes, irrespective of time. They may also be matched up with the same parents or different ones. So, how does the soul “choose” its host? This is determined by who we plan to be when we are at the “source,” which is the time just before we are conceived. [1]

Our decision at this juncture is deeply connected to who we are fundamentally and who we plan to be with throughout our lifetime. Even though we are born with no recollection of this actual decision-making process, the decision we make before birth guides our lives’ path and our choices. From the family we are born into, to the connections we make along the way — even if we are not aware of this.

The soul is the presence of free will

It is said that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed. That being said, we do have free will and can make changes and adjustments to our original life-path as we see fit. Our destiny and fate can be altered at every stage of our existence, even when in corporeal form.

This is not something that can be easily done, but one can change their fate by altering their immediate reactions to align with the intended goal. For instance, if born into a low-income family, a person can reverse not just their fate but also those of their friends and family by deciding to be different and aligning all present actions towards an alternate path.

Therefore, our soul contracts can be seen as the deals we have made with ourselves. These decisions are meant to help us change our state in life and grow to a higher state of consciousness.

Connecting with other souls we come in contact with

Have you ever been with someone and had a feeling that you were both meant to be? This is most likely because you are fulfilling an essential part of your soul plan. When you are on the right track, it is perfectly reasonable to receive reassurances in the form of déjà vu or an innate sense that you’re doing the right thing — usually called a gut feeling.

This can be confusing, especially if you receive conflicting signs. However, when you begin noticing how these connections affect your life, you’ll start to have a better understanding of their importance. Since we tend to reincarnate with the same people at different times, it is possible to find your soul family and recognize them when you do. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore or abandon the family you were given this time around. [2]

There is a reason for this change in circles, and your purpose in this particular lifetime will never be realized if you decide to pursue the plans of a previous one. Moreover, the soul family you’re familiar with may also have a different purpose that will be different from yours.

Overall, the physical world is mysterious and full of questions, but everything happens for a reason, even if that reason isn’t clear. Take the time in this life to grow and establish connections — perhaps with souls from a previous life or entirely new ones. Although destiny can be predetermined, the actual result is still up to us.


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