How to make your own air conditioner in less than 15 minutes with common household items

How to make your own air conditioner in less than 15 minutes with common household items

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If you’re struggling with the heat this summer and are without an AC unit (or at least a working one), we have 5 DIY alternative air conditioners to save the day.

5 DIY Alternative Air Conditioners



If you don’t have an air conditioner, you don’t want to run it or you are just too warm for classic air conditioners these 5 alternatives are your solutions!

1. Create Your Own

Using a fan is not always the solution because it often blows around the warm muggy air that you’re already sitting in. Instead, use this trick and you’ll be cool in minutes!

Take a shallow bowl and fill it with ice. Put the bowl in front of the fan and there you have it cold air!

2. Use Your Drapes

If opening a window hasn’t helped cool your room or house down then this is your solution. All you need is a sheet and some cold water. Spray the sheet with some cold water and cover it over the window. This will help reduce the temperature  in your house! The warm air that is outside will be transformed into cold air and soon you’ll be cool and comfortable.

Alternatively, you can air dry your sheets by hanging them by a window. This will produce the same effect while killing two birds with one stone.

3. Open Your Windows on a Schedule

If you feel like opening your windows is only keeping your house warm then try this. Since it is so much cooler at night it is better to keep your windows open then. During the day when the sun is up the windows should be closed. Open when the sun is down, closed when the sun is up.

Here’s another tip: If you place a few fans on opposite sides of the room with the window open the breeze will flow through!

4. Turn Off Appliances Around the House

We have so many objects and appliances that radiate heat like our computers, your drier and even your dishwasher. By just turning these things off when you’re not using them you not only save electricity but save yourself from the extra heat radiating off of them.

5. Make Your Own

As you saw in the video above, making your own air conditioner is a lot easier than it sounds. Here is another way to make your air conditioner.

How to Make Your Own Air Conditioner

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  1. Detach the face of the fan and put it on your work bench or table.
  2. Grab your zip-ties and copper tubing. Start coiling the copper tubing around the face of the fan. Use the zip-ties about every 6 inches to attach that section to the fan face. Make sure that both ends shoot out the bottom of the fan’s face.
  3. Take your hose clamps and secure the rubber tubing onto either end of the copper tubing. If you need to cut your copper tubing, don’t forget to sand the edges before you start working with the tubing. Freshly cut copper is very sharp.
  4. Fill up one of your buckets with water.
  5. Position the bucket full of water on a ledge or a desk—someplace above ground level.
  6. Siphon the water through the contraption to the bucket on the floor. (Bernoulli’s Principle in action!)
  7. Turn on the fan.

After a few minutes, all of the water will drain into the bucket on the floor. You can now dispose of this lukewarm bucket as you see fit. Repeat a few times to get your room extra chilled.

Here’s another tutorial on how to make your own AC Conditioner. With easily accessible and cheap items, they show you how to create a makeshift air conditioner for that icy cool refreshment you’re craving.

No crafty finesse or skill required.