Doctor Breaks Down The Complexities of Human Body to Prove God

Doctor Breaks Down The Complexities of Human Body to Prove God

When asked if he thought God exists, Dr. Tommy Mitchell replied, “When you really stop and take one step back and consider how enormously complex the body is, there’s no possibility it could be an accident.”

A medical doctor who once embraced theistic evolution is now a Young-Earth creationist who speaks and writes for Christian Ministry Answers in Genesis.

Who is a Young-Earth Creationist?

According to the Answers in Genesis website:

“Young-earth creationists believe that the creation days of Genesis 1 were six literal (24-hour) days, which occurred 6,000–12,000 years ago. They believe that about 2,300–3,300 years before Christ, the surface of the earth was radically rearranged by Noah’s Flood. All land animals and birds not in Noah’s Ark (along with many sea creatures) perished, many of which were subsequently buried in the Flood sediments.

Therefore, creationists believe that the global, catastrophic Flood was responsible for most (but not all) of the rock layers and fossils (i.e., some rock layers and possibly some fossils were deposited before the Flood, while other layers and fossils were produced in postdiluvian localized catastrophic sedimentation events or processes).”[1]

Who Created Man? Scientists Respond to Atheists’ Burning Question

On a recent episode of PureFlix’s “Answering Atheists,” Dr. Tommy Mitchell talked about how he went through a spiritual evolution and discussed some important details that convinced him of the complexities surrounding the human body. He also shared why he believes many doctors overlook these realities.

“Most of the doctors I worked with for years and years and years were atheists,” he said. “This whole issue of the complexity of the body just doesn’t really come up because you’re so busy taking care of grandma, you don’t sit back and go, ‘The heart or the kidney or whatever is so wonderful.’”[2]

When Mitchell was asked about his own observations about the human body, he gave a convincing explanation of why it could not be the result of an accident. He breaks it down below:

“When you stop and really consider the complexities of the body—whether it’s the homeostatic mechanisms that allow the temperature to remain constant, or the acid-base levels to remain within very tight limits, or the way the kidney helps regulate the blood pressure and the fluid balance, or the blood-clotting proteins and they all have to be in exactly the same place at exactly the right concentrate or a small cut on your finger will cause you to bleed to death.”[3]

Answering Atheists on PureFlix is a popular Christian streaming service that hosts a mix of family-friendly and Christian entertainment, including movies for all ages, kid’s animated titles, documentaries, inspirational speeches, and much more on a variety of devices. The ‘Answering Atheists’ series is focused on finding out:

How do Christianity and the Bible stack up to other religions? Is there proof that God created man and the universe at large? Watch as host Billy Hallowell and his guests discuss the ins and outs of scripture and the reason the Bible can be trusted over other religious sources.

The show hosts a plethora of doctors, scientists, and other professionals in the scientific field. Among these are research biologist, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson; Astronomer, Dr. Danny Faulkner; Astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle; and molecular geneticist, Dr. Georgia Purdom.

During his interview, Dr. Tommy Mitchell said, “When you really stop and take one step back and consider how enormously complex the body is, there’s no possibility it could be an accident.”

He also spoke about his transformation from theistic evolution to Young-Earth creationism, noting that the change-of-heart required some “unlearning a lot of the things” he had been taught.[4]

Is There Really a GOD?

In a Forbes article titled, ‘Can Science Prove The Existence Of God?’, contributor Ethan Siegel and science group Starts With A Bang show why the odds of us coming to be would be so infinitesimally small that it’s unreasonable to believe it could have happened by chance.

The evidence is quite compelling as humans enjoy a privileged place in the universe. We live on a planet that has all the right ingredients for life, including:

  • We’re at the right distance from our sun so that temperatures are conducive to life.
  • We have the right atmospheric pressure for liquid water at our surface.
  • We have the right ingredients — the right balance of heavy elements and organic molecules — for life to arise.
  • We have the right amount of water so that our world has both oceans and continents.
  • And life started on our world very early, sustained itself for our planet’s entire history, and gave rise to us: sentient, self-aware creatures.

Science can never prove or disprove the existence of God, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to draw conclusions we’re not ready for, both spiritually and scientifically. By doing this, we run the grave risk of depriving ourselves of what we might come to truly learn.[5]


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