Early Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person Who Is Up To No Good

Early Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person Who Is Up To No Good

What sets us apart, our individuality, is also what makes it impossible to know when someone actually has bad intentions for us. Although most of us like to think of ourselves as good judges of character, understanding these warning signs can go a long way.

With well over seven billion people living on Earth, it’s only a matter of time before we come in contact with a few rotten eggs among them. However, differentiating people who are good for us from those who are out to get us is easier said than done.

Often, you may not even realize someone is draining you until it’s too late. When you habitually try to see the good in everyone, you can sometimes be blinded to the evil that permeates from them, even if everyone else sees them for what they are.

This is why close friends and family sometimes warn us that someone, a friend or partner, is not suitable for us. The problem, however, is that the person who isn’t right for you could be the one advising you.

To help you out, here are ten warning signs to tell if someone is toxic for you.

1. They enjoy twisting facts

Have you ever met someone who likes lying to create mayhem? Evil people can twist facts and take things out of context to create ‘alternative’ facts that align with their purpose.

2. They deny reality

You can never change their mind about the world as they perceive it. They have created twisted ideals and interpretations of everyday truths, and they will never agree with the reality that is.

3. They mislead people

It’s easy for someone evil to mislead people by twisting the truth to make them feel vulnerable, afraid, attacked, hated, or incompetent.

4. They lie constantly

It’s like second nature for them to change the facts and create a new scene to harm or deceive. They see people as dispensable objects, and they don’t care if they hurt anyone in the process.

5. They are remorseless

Evil people know how to latch onto and take advantage of the good ones. It is all a game to them, and they are ever calculative about who will be the best pawns in their game.

6. They know how to manipulate people

Evil people have mastered the art of manipulation. They know how to plan and strategize ten steps ahead to manipulate someone, especially someone vulnerable, successfully.

7. They are always there in good times

Have you ever noticed a set of friends that only become available when you’re buying? Even if an evil person comes to your aid, they do it for a purpose that benefits them in the end.

8. They are control freaks

They always fight to maintain complete control over the situation and can become possessive and controlling if they see you gravitate towards someone with good intentions for you.

9. They avoid responsibility

They don’t take responsibility. It is never their fault when anything goes wrong; instead, it is always a stroke of bad luck, and sometimes your fault.

10. They know just how to steal your time

Evil people know how to distract you and create new problems when you need to accomplish something quickly. They want to watch you fail so they can feel better about their achievements, or lack of.

Now you know these toxic signs, you can better protect yourself and be more aware of the people around you. Remember always to love yourself, and don’t allow your happiness to depend on anyone’s approval.

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