Image of 14 health problems you can diagnose using your eyes: look for THESE signs

14 health problems you can diagnose using your eyes: look for THESE signs

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It may surprise you to learn that the eyes tell a lot about the state of your health. Unusual colors, bumps,and bulges do not just affect your vision. Serious health problems can often be diagnosed by odd signs in the eyes. These 14 eye abnormalities may be a symptom of a real issue.

14 Eye Abnormalities That Signal About Real Issues


1. Swollen Lower Eyelids

Most people make the mistake of thinking that a bulge or lump in the lower eyelid is just a stye. However, if the swelling does not go down, it could actually be a rare cancer. Sebaceous gland carcinomas look like a stye, but they last for months or keep appearing in the same spot.

2. Missing Eyebrows

When the outside part of a person’s eyebrow starts to fall out or fade, do not just ignore it. Losing outer eyebrow hairs is actually a very common symptom of thyroid disease.

3. Shimmering or Waving Vision

This is typically a sign that a severe migraine is about to start. It will look like the edges of your vision are wiggling, curving, or shimmering. If this happens to you, try to rest and take a painkiller.

4. Reddened Eyes

Having the whites of your eyes constantly look pink or red is a sign that something is irritating them. This is commonly an early symptom of allergies. You may be allergic to a food, pollen, plant, mold, or another chemical. It is important to find the allergen before it causes a more severe reaction.

5. Sudden Vision Problems

If your eyes suddenly stop working, you might be having a stroke. A stroke happens when blood flow to the brain is interrupted. It may result in double vision, darkened vision, or complete loss of sight in one or both eyes.

6. Blurred Vision When Looking at Screens

Do not dismiss this symptom as simply being tired. You might have computer vision syndrome which is caused by difficulty focusing on a screen with low contrast. This eyestrain can damage the eye muscles.

7. Dry Eyes

If your eyes feel uncomfortable and scratchy all the time, something may be wrong. It may just be a case of malfunctioning tear ducts. However, dry eyes can sometimes be a sign of arthritis.

8. Large Pupils

When pupils become dilated, the entire eye can look black. This is supposed to happen naturally in dark areas. If it happens in a bright area, it may be a sign that a heart attack is about to happen.

9. Cloudy Eyes

As people age, they often develop cataracts. You may not notice any changes in vision at first, but the eye will look different. The surface of the eye may become gray, dull, or foggy looking. Cloudy eyes are one of the most common types of eye abnormalities.

10. Bulging Eyes

Some people just have naturally prominent eyes, but be concerned if this is a new physical development. People dealing with hyperthyroidism often have eyes that seem to bulge out of the eye socket.

11. Yellow Eyes

The whites of the eyes turning yellow is a sign that a person has excess bile. This is typically a symptom of jaundice, and it means that a person is undergoing liver failure.

12. Blurred Vision With Diabetes

You need to be especially cautious about eyesight if you have diabetes. Blurred vision can be caused by excess blood sugar damaging the optic nerve. This can be reversed if treated, but if it is ignored, you could eventually go blind…Click here to read the full article.


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