Five Ways to Know When it’s Not Your Body, But Your Soul That’s Tired

Five Ways to Know When it’s Not Your Body, But Your Soul That’s Tired

Our souls can go through temporary or permanent changes where we go through periods of extreme emotional or mental stress. This can feel similar to symptoms of depression. We stop loving things we used to and are no longer are passionate about anything.

Do you tend to feel unimaginably low and uninterested in everything around you, no matter how much you try to think positively or attempt to motivate yourself to be more physically energetic?

This is a sure sign that your soul needs some energy and restoration, but unlike your body, damages to your soul are not immediately prominent. You may put on a mask, so no one knows how low you feel inside, but deep down, you know that things need fixing. [1]

Here are five sure ways to know that it’s not your body that is tired, but your soul.

1. You have a general underlying sense of anxiety

Do you wake up each morning with a feeling of dread that doesn’t go away? Even when there is no discernible cause, it’s still hard to get yourself out of bed. Sometimes, you may feel as though you can’t cope with life but still manage to function at work, school, or at home.

These feelings are often accompanied by an innate sense of confusion about who you are, racing thoughts, and a fear that you’re incompetent or inferior in some way. This may lead to a situation where you work to overcompensate for your perceived inadequacies, leading to further fatigue. [2]

2. You experience random physical symptoms that don’t seem to get better

Do you suffer from some vague, often long-term, health problems that doctors are unable to diagnose? This could be a sign that you’re carrying a heavy spiritual or psychological burden that is manifesting in your body.

Some people may suffer from various short-term problems like tension, frequent headaches, eczema, nervous indigestion, back pain, and migraines. If these symptoms tend to get worse under stress, they are often from psychological origins.

3. You obsess about the past most of the time

It is perfectly normal to reflect on the past from time to time, but if you catch yourself obsessing about the past, especially about past mistakes, it is a sign of poor emotional health. This means that you’re finding it difficult to see positive outcomes in your current situation.

This is a sure sign that you stand to benefit from some significant life changes to help you re-engage with positivity.

4. You experience periodic mood swings

Balanced moods are marked by a sense of purpose and direction in life. If you lack those, you‘re likely to have mood swings. Your mood shifts may be characterized by spiritual or psychological disturbances, and feeling like your life is spiraling out of control.

These feelings can leave you irritable, unhappy, and unpredictable. In some cases, you may not even be able to explain why you feel the way you do, and this can be disturbing. This can lead to various forms of anxiety problems and a sense that you’re losing your grip on reality.

5. You never feel well-rested, no matter how much you sleep

There is only one true remedy for tiredness: plenty of rest. However, no amount of sleep or rest will refresh you if it’s your soul that’s tired. Worse yet, it may make it impossible for you to get any rest or fall asleep in the first place.

Even when you finally manage to relax, it’s often short-lived as you find yourself unable to shut off negative thoughts while lying in bed.

What to do if your soul is tired

Of course, these signs do not necessarily point to any underlying medical condition. If they worsen or persist, we recommend seeking a professional medical opinion from your doctor. However, in most cases, they are caused by spiritual and emotional fatigue.

You can address the problem by changing your lifestyle to remedy the underlying issues. The first step is boosting yourself emotionally. Overhaul your diet, take on a less stressful job, and practice better sleep hygiene.

Next, access your direction in life and what you want for yourself and ensure that it aligns with your core values. This is not an easy assessment to make, but it will give you valuable insight into the changes you need to make.

Above all, keep a positive outlook. Surround yourself with people and hobbies that give you joy and support. Know that the darkness will pass and you will soon wake up excited to greet the day.


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