Fluffy Siberian Cats Live like Kings in This Russian Lady’s Farm House

Fluffy Siberian Cats Live like Kings in This Russian Lady’s Farm House

If you are a cat lover then you must have heard of Siberian cats, medium-sized cuties with the fluffiest fur ever.

The Siberian cats 

These medium-sized cats are often described as beautiful. They have a cute expression on their faces with eye colors that vary from green, gold, to blue and a host of other colors. 

These cats are originally from a very cold climate. For that reason, they come fully equipped with a dense coat. The coat is typically medium or long with ruffs around the neck. It’s almost as if they know how gorgeous they are, because they often raise their bushy tails in pride. [1]

Origin of the Siberian cats

The Siberian cats come originally from the Taiga of Siberia, Russia. This part of the area comes with dense forests and a subarctic climate. This means it is very cold, and that is why the Siberian cats have such a thick coat of fur. 

Siberian cats have been around in Russia for thousands of years. They are even mentioned in some of their folklores and some books including the 1889 Our Cats and All About Them by Harrison Weir. [2]

The Siberian cats came to the United States in June 1990 after the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union ended. 

They were recognized as an official breed by the International Cat Association (TIKA). The American Cat Farmers Association (ACFA) and The Cats Farmers Association then accepted them as one of the breeds in the program in 1999 and 2006 respectively. This meant that they became registered and eventually advanced to championship status. [3]

Personality and temperament of the Siberian cats 

Siberian cats are a playful breed and are simply a delight to be around. They love cuddling and will stay next to you as you try to relax or work. If you want to hear them meow, purr, and chirp — yes, Siberian cats chirp — then all you have to do is place them on your lap and comb your fingers through their fur. 

Unlike other cat breeds who are shy around strangers, the Siberian cats are not, and can be quite pleasant towards your guests. 

They are also very playful. If you don’t play with them, they will find a way to play with you. They might even throw you a toy so you can get in a more playful mood. It’s necessary to keep their minds sharp, so be sure to teach them some tricks. [4]

What is better than one Siberian cat? 

…A farm filled with them, that’s for sure. Nothing gets people “awwing” more than a place filled with cute and fluffy animals. It doesn’t seem like it could get farther than the Siberian cats. 

This farm is located in Prigorodny, outside Barnaul Siberia. It’s owned by a Russian cat lady Alla Lebedeva and is home to many cats, “a million, maybe more” according to Lebedeva. [5] The farm started in 2004 when Lebedeva and her husband, Sergey took care of a Siberian cat named Babushka. The cat gave birth to five ginger kittens and more kept on coming till boom! Cat farm! [6]

Now, the farm is known as Catland

The Catland is an incredible sight to behold. All those fluffy cat furs look pretty in the snow. And it works out because those thick furs protect the cats from the cold.

Now, more than their cats, other Siberian cats come into Catland as they please and make themselves feel at home. Lebedeva doesn’t mind because the cats of Catland are great at hunting, and help to get rid of rats and mice around the farm and thus, protect the chickens and rabbits. 

Lebedeva built a three-bedroom “henhouse” for the cats. The cats love their little home and when they are not chasing mice or chilling in the snow, then you will find them relaxing in their ‘rooms.’ 

You know what else is great about the Siberian cats? 

They are known as hypoallergenic cats. This might be a bit of a stretch because no cat is 100% hypoallergenic, but it is somewhat true. Most cats cause “cat hair allergy” which affects most people leading them to give up ever having these cuddly companions. 

The allergy is caused by the production of Fel D, a protein produced by the sebaceous glands and contained in the cat’s saliva. It is spread through the hair of the cats after the protein gets there. This causes those who are allergic to it to get affected as they get exposed to them. The Siberian cats, however, contain very low amounts of this protein. 

According to a recent study at the University of California, the breed cannot produce high amounts of Fel D. Then, tests were conducted by the Indoor Biotechnology Lab in Virginia to find out exactly how much Fel D the Siberian cats produce. Results showed that the male and female Siberian cats produce 2,000mg and 205mg respectively. This is far lower than the 62,000mg of Fel D the common cats produce.

So, while they produce a very low quantity of the protein, it still might cause a little discomfort in overly sensitive people. However, the effects are significantly diminished. 

That said, just about anybody can visit Catland in Russia and get a few cuddles.

Perhaps, one day, Lebedeva’s Catland will truly be home to over a million Siberian cats. That would be such a sight to behold.


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