3 simple food swaps that can stop your teeth from going crooked

3 simple food swaps that can stop your teeth from going crooked

Crooked teeth – many people consider it to be an uncontrollable physical characteristic that some people are born with, such as birthmarks. As a society, we have come up with a variety of modern dental techniques to straighten our teeth with. But what if I told you that it was similar modern “progress” that caused crooked teeth in the first place? According to Dr. Weston A. Price, this very well may be the case.

Modern Diet and Crooked Teeth


Dr. Price was a dentist from the 1930’s who was well-known for his theories on the relationship between physical health, nutrition and dental health.

Price had one particular theory about the relationship between our diets and crooked teeth. He believed that crooked teeth is a skeletal deformity that is caused by a poor diet. He also believed that regularly consuming a diet that caused this deformity would lead to further dental, skeletal and overall health problems.

To test his hypothesis, Price traveled to remote areas around the world and studied the tooth-health of the various indigenous peoples that he came across. He found that, not only did most of these people have straight, uncrowded teeth, but they also had little to no tooth decay!

In his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Price published his research and provided photos of many of the individuals he met. He compared the teeth of those in remote areas to those who have been introduced to modern culture and its diet, and he found that those not consuming a modern diet had straighter and healthier teeth overall.

Out of all of the countries that Price visited and all of the indigenous communities that he observed, he noticed two similar traits throughout all of their diets:

They did not consume processed food such as sugar, white flour, vegetable oils and canned goods. Instead, they ate a diet that was rich in foods prepared using animal fats, even those who ate diets consisting mainly of vegetables.

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It would be fairly hard to completely replicate the diet of any of the communities that Price visited. However, it is possible to make the necessary changes to our diets based on his findings that can help us, and possibly our children, avoid having crooked teeth.

To start, avoid highly refined food additives such as white flour and sugar. There are many natural alternatives to these ingredients that are better for your overall health as well as your dental health.

Coconut flour is a great alternative to white flour as it is less refined and is also very high in fiber and protein.

Raw honey is an effective and healthy sweetener and a great replacement for sugar. Its full of antioxidants and contains powerful antimicrobial properties, making it great for warding off oral diseases.

You can replace vegetable oils with the very same animal fats that Price claimed was responsible for the incredible health and straightness of the rural community members’ teeth he examined. Although animal fats often get a bad rap, they provide many health benefits including the ability to inhibit the growth of mammary tumors. Animal fat is also usually cheaper than vegetable oils, making them for available and convenient to use.

Different types of animal fats include tallow, a rendered form of beef fat, and schmaltz, a rendered form of chicken or goose fat.

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