4 different ways to FREEZE ginger that maintain its science-backed benefits

4 different ways to FREEZE ginger that maintain its science-backed benefits

How many times have you thrown out your ginger root? You find the perfect one in the store and you bring it home and a month later it’s gotten… soft… wrinkly… it’s not as spicy as it used to be. You have to go out and buy another one. Or you go to Whole Foods and they have ginger, on sale, but you only can really use one, so you don’t stock up – you don’t want that waste.

But have you tried freezing ginger? This is something my mom used to do. You’d always find a little baggie full of ginger root in her freezer. I had totally forgotten about it until I went to her place and pulled out a baggie full of tinfoil.

She individually wraps each piece and seals them up. So I started doing the same thing, and even added my own spin to it.

Health benefits of ginger.


There are a lot of reasons to eat ginger, so when you find the right ginger root, it makes sense to keep it.

Historically, ginger has a long tradition of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. It is both carminative – which eliminates intestinal gas – and intestinal spasmolytic – which means it relaxes and soothes your intestinal tract. (1)

Ginger has a reputation (scientifically backed) for preventing the symptoms of motion sickness. In fact, in one study, ginger was shown to be far superior to Dramamine, a commonly used over-the-counter and prescription drug for motion sickness. It prevents dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and cold sweating. (2)

Which makes it a safe alternative for mothers who are suffering from first trimester morning sickness. In a double-blind trial, ginger root brought about a significant reduction in both the severity of nausea and number of attacks of vomiting in 19 of 27 women in early pregnancy (less than 20 weeks) (2).

Ginger is also linked to causing apoptosis (or programmed cell death) in cancerous cells related to both uterine cancer (3) and colon cancer (1) (4).

Storing Ginger


You can freeze ginger 4 different ways and they’re all good for different things.

Freezing Whole Ginger

The benefits of freezing whole ginger is keeping the skin of the ginger along with it. The skin (when cleaned thoroughly) brings a little more fiber to your dishes.

For this, all you have to do is scrub your ginger (use this DIY wash) and when it’s dry, wrap it in tinfoil (and any others you’re freezing) individually, then press the air out of your freezer-lock bag and store that way.

The additional advantage of whole frozen ginger is it lasts much longer than the other methods between 8-12 months.

Freezing Minced Ginger

This is the best for stir-fries and other meals you need a tbsp. or tsp. of fresh ginger. Wash your ginger thoroughly (you can peel it or not). Use a fine grater, or a food processor, to get it nice and fine. Then pack either tsp. or tbsp. measurements and freeze them on parchment paper. When frozen, transfer them to a freezer proof container and use when needed! This method lasts about 6 months.

Medallion Ginger

Peel your ginger. Slice it thinly through the root, making flat, little ginger discs. Toss these in a baggie and use within 3 months.

Chopped Ginger.

Peel you ginger. Cut lengthwise. Pieces should be 1/8” wide and 1” long. Place in your freezer proof container. This method keeps about 3 months.

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