Georgia Goat Jumps into Cop Car, Chews Papers, Spills a Drink, Then Head-Butts Deputy

Georgia Goat Jumps into Cop Car, Chews Papers, Spills a Drink, Then Head-Butts Deputy

I don’t think any line of professionals encounter as much weirdness as cops do in a day, especially patrol officers. For every day you put on that noble uniform, pat the hat down, holster your weapon, and get into a squad car, you’re literally gearing up to face the weirdest of the unknown.

A mischievous goat in Georgia had a lot of “crazy” up his sleeve and assaulting an officer of the law fit into its plan. A couple of weeks ago, a deputy from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia got into a bizarre struggle with the farm animal and to date, no one has any idea why the horned dude picked her out to bully. [1]

The deputy, who was unidentified by the Sheriff’s office, was on duty on a beautiful day and went to serve some civil papers at a residence. 

Due to the number of houses [the deputy] visits daily, she routinely leaves her vehicle’s door open because she has had to [retreat] on a number of occasions from vicious dogs,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. “Never once did she expect or even consider what was about to happen this day!”

The takeover

Thankfully, the deputy had her body cam on the whole day and it captured the hilarious event. She’d seen the goat before she approached the house, but she had no idea what the curious thing would do. As she knocks on the door of the house, she says, “I hope that goat don’t get in my car.”

A few seconds later, the drama began. “Oh [expletive], he’s eating the paper!” she exclaimed.

The deputy fled back to the car to get the uninvited snooper out but he was bent on making a meal out of her documents, a pile that probably contained some very important subpoena and orders. He ate, chewed, spun, and knocked over a cup of beverage. The officer chided him to get out of her car, but the old brown boy wasn’t done vandalizing yet. Eventually, the goat hopped out of the vehicle and things got a little intense when two territorial dogs came out of nowhere, either to protect the officer or to get the crazy goat out of their lawn.

There was a bit of a raucous and to put the cherry on the cake of his crimes, the goat head-butted the officer to the ground and ran away. That’s 1–15 years in prison for assaulting an officer of the law, old boy!

The body cam footage was posted on Facebook by the Sherriff’s department. They wrote: “[Although] she was knocked to the ground she was not physically harmed in the incident,” the sheriff’s office said. “At the end of the day, we all got a little laugh out of it and we hope you do as well!

 So far, the video has garnered over 12,000 views and 1.5K shares on Facebook.


This video created a new version of the age-long excuse, “the dog ate my homework.” Cops can now say, the “goat ate my paperwork” and everyone would probably believe them.

While people advised the officer to always close her door or at least leave it near-shut, one commenter had other plans in mind: “I need one of those goats if I ever get papers served to me.”

An ex-officer named Lawrence wrote about his similar experience: “That also happened with me, I was out serving paper and I left my door open on my patrol truck, and the goat left me a whole bunch of little presents behind when I chased him out of the truck. Thanks for the laughs, and memories. From retired deputy Box Elder County Utah.”

Another excited commenter wrote: “Somebody’s lucky that day their warrant was lunch…”Thankfully, someone else appreciated the other participants in the bizarre drama: “And I think these dogs arrived to help the police if necessary. They are adorables!!! “


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