Image of Someone finally invented a head hammock so you could fall asleep on a plane

Someone finally invented a head hammock so you could fall asleep on a plane

Although the concept of travel has evolved far past the level of stagecoaches, passengers in trains, planes, and cars often feel like not much has changed. Going from one place to another still involves sitting in a cramped chair for several hours at a time.

Like many of us, Paula Blankenship felt frustrated by neckpillows that tried to make your life easier, but instead made you feel sore, stiff, and tired after a lengthy flight or ride.

Unlike the rest of us, however, Paula managed to come up with a solution that didn’t include laying down horizontally across several seats like a patient on an operating table.

NodPod to The Rescue

travelling comfortably

The NodPod is a sophisticated device that cradles the head and keeps it in a neutral and comfortables position without the user having to utilize their own neck muscles. It is also a head-hammock.

The NodPod fits practically any seat and when used on airplanes, and will accommodate television screens, tray tables, and different headrest widths without inconveniencing the passenger behind you. It also comes with a safety breakaway in the event of an emergency.


Paula’s Kickstarter has already smashed through its $20,000 goal thanks to over 6,000 backers. More amazingly, she has also solved the problem of how to comfortably sleep in a chair.

Thanks, Paula.


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