Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
November 17, 2020 ·  3 min read

Hilarious! 20 Cases Where Expectation and Reality Are As Different As Night and Day

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve never bought something and it turned out to be a huge disappointment. I once saw this really cute hat on an online shopping gallery and ordered it because it was so cheap. When it arrived, it was only big enough to fit onto the head of the tiniest Barbie doll imaginable. Turns, out the pictures were blown up and I was scammed of my hard-earned £5 plus a £10 delivery fee. Hurts till today. How many times have you seen a model rock an outfit on a page and when it comes in the mailbox, it literally looks like a rag on you? Words can’t always express how annoying these things can be.

It doesn’t just happen with online shopping. Restaurants, bakeries, shopping malls, hair salons, and tailors can all be perpetrators of these annoying acts. Customers simply want to get what they see in the pictures. Is that too much to ask? Birthday/wedding cake blunders hurt the most. 

Below is a collection of 20 hilarious albeit painful times where expectation was as far away from reality as possible.

#1   Someone ordered an alleged vintage ring and got this instead. The amethyst alone is an embarrassment.

#2   SpongeBob’s got the flu.

#3   “Expectation vs. Reality, after a 6-month backorder from West Elm.”

#4    Morning pancakes at a hotel. Doesn’t even look remotely as nice as the one on the box.

#5    Just a hint of Oreo would have been manageable.

#6   That cookie looks like the monster under my bed.

#7   No one does it like Mommy.

#8   “Be sure to always check the size when ordering treats!” The dog would wonder who he offended to deserve a log of wood as a chew bone.

#9    Poor guy, the design and even the color isn’t the same.

#10  Geographical locations are in on the scams too? “Traveled 2,874 miles to see the Cliffs of Moher…”

#11  They can NEVER add that much beef in regular orders. “When you’re craving the new taco from Burger King.”

#12   Someone actually paid $110 for this. I would have called the police ASAP.

#13   “My husband ordered a mask for Halloween last year off of a Facebook ad, and this is what we ended up with.” The monster on the right got married, had kids, and became a family man.

#14    Why call them burritos when they are just tortillas?

#15    Bought cheese pizza and found only the bread inside.

#16    So, where’d the strawberry go?

#17    No single broccoli head in sight. Your kids won’t ever take you seriously with this veggie again.

#18    “Let’s just say I was pretty excited for my Genie face mask until I put it on…” Now you just look sad and lonely.

#19     Let’s just say the red nose is the dad and the yellow nose is the daughter. Something to make up for the blunder.

#20    “My wife ordered this Cactus Cat Scratcher and 2 months later she received just a bag of rope with no instructions, no wood, and not even a packing slip.”

Photo Credits: Brightside