Image of This is a Must-Watch for Anyone Who Stays in Hotels

This is a Must-Watch for Anyone Who Stays in Hotels


Whether you’re on a business trip, a family vacation, or just spending a much needed night on the town, staying at a hotel can feel like luxury. With freshly made beds, chocolates on pillows, and a mini fridge filled with treats, we’re fooled into thinking we’re living the high life. What we don’t know is just how dirty that hotel room really is.

This video just scratches the surface when it comes to hotel room hygiene. In it, we see the lack of care not one, but three hotel’s staff take when it comes to cleaning glasses that people use every day!

It really makes you wonder, if people aren’t taking the proper care with glasses, what else are they missing?

How To Keep Clean In Your Hotel Room

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While it is unfortunate that these places aren’t kept as clean as we would wish, but that doesn’t mean you should cut out travel all together! Taking trips and treating yourself is all part of a happy and healthy life. So, in the interest of our physical, mental, and spiritual health, here are some tips on how to keep clean in your hotel room.

1. Wash Those Hands!

As obvious as it seems, it’s always good to remember. A lot of hands (and other things you might not want to think about) have touched the same surfaces you touch. You have no way of knowing how the person who stayed in the hotel room before you kept clean, so better safe than sorry!

2. Lose The Bedspread or Runner On Your Bed

While it may look really pretty and comfy, the bedspread and runner get washed a lot less often than the sheets, maybe as few as 4 times a year [1]! But besides that, who knows where those end up? They could be tossed on the floor and then replaced in the morning.


Another small side note, you can bring your own pillow to avoid sleeping on the pillows supplied by the hotel. While the pillowcase may be washed, who knows what state the actual pillow is in.

3. Showers Over Baths

As luxurious as you may be feeling in your hotel room, it’s probably better to skip the bath. An almost invisible layer of bacteria known as biofilm could be lining your bathtub, left there from the previous tenant. Unless housekeeping went with a hard plastic brush and scrubbed it clean, chances are it’s still there.

4. Avoid Drinking Glasses

While some hotels offer one-use plastic cups for their tenants to use, most have glasses for use. If you’ve seen the video, we don’t need to go into detail about why using these would be a bad idea.

5. Lay Out A Bath Mat

It’s a good idea to lay down a bath mat, or an extra towel, on the floor to step on when you get out of the shower. Fungus like to hide in moist areas, like bathrooms and more specifically, in between bathroom tiles. Another good tip is to bring some slippers to walk in your hotel room, especially if you don’t want to wear your shoes.

These 5 tips and a bit of common sense is all you need to enjoy your stay at your hotel and make sure you don’t bring any uninvited germs or illnesses back home with you when your vacation is over. Now get out there and see the world!