“I Will Love You Until” – According To Your Zodiac Sign


Love can mean different things to different people, and one helpful classification for this powerful emotion is according to zodiac signs. While everyone experiences life differently, our horoscopes still bear significant weight in defining our personalities and inclinations. It’s a beautiful train of thought to accept that the alignment and movement of celestial bodies, especially stars, can affect human affairs, moods, and influence behaviors. 


In this case, your zodiac sign can predict what you consider a deal-breaker in relationships. 

Aries: …until you betray me


Aries people are all about fierce loyalty. Their sign takes its name from the Greek god of war, a powerful deity that requires commitment from everyone dedicated to him. Aries people are always eager to commit and be loyal to the person who matters to them, and they’ll love you as powerfully as they can until you betray their trust. Once broken, nothing can fix it for them.

Taurus: … until you break my heart

Taurus people are extremely sensitive and easily hurt. They are attracted to people who they consider safe for their fragile hearts and will love you fiercely until you hurt them too deeply. 


Gemini: … until you try to outsmart me

Geminis are the masters of deception and they love being the smartest person in the room. They are often more intellectually gifted than others and this makes them vulnerable to competition. They’ll love you deeply but once you try to outsmart them in any way, that’s the end of it.


Cancer: … until you abandon me

Cancers are possessive and fierce lovers. They love in an almost smothering kind of way that can be pretty sweet as well. They delight in knowing that the person they love belongs solely to them. They thrive in the knowledge that this person feels the same way, and anything short of this will result in a feeling of abandonment. If you don’t match their love, they’ll feel abandoned, and things will go downhill from there.

Leo: … until you make me look like a fool

Leos have an alpha personality, the zodiac sign with the most inclination to pride themselves as royalty. They are full of confidence and are very protective of their social image, and when someone they love attempts to make them look weak, they cut things off without a second thought.


Virgo: … until you start lying

Virgos belong to the planet Mercury and are advocates of unconditional truthfulness. They can take everything but lies are the ultimate deal-breaker. They are also highly observant and very perceptive, so don’t think you can get away with lying to their face.


Libra: … until you mess with my peace


Libra is the symbol of justice, and hence, they are personalities with great patience and a heightened sense of understanding. They enjoy their inner peace a lot, always aiming to be at the highest level of natural tranquility. Everything is about balance to them, and when someone they love attempts to disrupt the equilibrium, they’ll cut you off to protect their peace.

Scorpio: … until you start keeping secrets from me

Scorpios are extremely honest and great at communicating with the people they love. They appreciate transparency more than anything else, and they’ll love you to bits until you start keeping secrets from them. They may endure a lot of attitudes but one thing that can’t stand is sneaky behavior.


Sagittarius: … until you make me feel insecure

While Sagittarius may be the sign of very strong and ambitious personalities, they are also very protective of their self-esteem. Even when someone hasn’t directly hurt them, making them feel down or low is enough reason to get cut off. They don’t wait until they are completely depressed or intimidated by someone else to move on and steer clear. 

Capricorn: … until you give up

Capricorn is the sign of determined and very consistent people. Even when things look pretty bad and there doesn’t seem to be a way forward, a true Capricorn would forge on without a doubt. No matter how discouraging it gets, there’s always something to look forward to. They will love you fiercely until you decide to give up. Giving up is unacceptable to them.

Aquarius: … until you become like everyone else

Aquarians are attracted to people because of their unique personalities. There’s got to be something about you that’s different from everyone else before they’d have a reason to love you. Uniqueness is important to them and when you start acting or living like everyone else, their interest will wane very quickly.

Pisces: … until you make me stop dreaming

Pisces people are super emotional and are always living beautifully in their feelings. They are very sensitive and they believe in perfection. Even if things aren’t so smooth at the moment, they choose to dream of a time when everything will be perfect. If you give them a reason to stop dreaming or believing in better days with you, then they have no reason to remain in your life.

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