Image of Press Your Finger Like This To Eliminate Tooth Pain (and other CRAZY massage tricks)

Press Your Finger Like This To Eliminate Tooth Pain (and other CRAZY massage tricks)

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Jin Shin Jyutsu – an ancient form of the Japanese art of healing, which helps you to balance your emotions, thanks to the stimulation of some points on your hands. The basics of this teaching is upon the following principle – every finger on your hand is connected to a certain organ which matches a certain emotion.

If you have to affect a certain organ, take a finger with your other hand and hold it for 3-5 minutes. Take a deep breath when you do that.
You can also make a general harmonization of your body by doing the same thing to every single finger on your hand.

Here is how the organs are connected to the fingers on your hands:


Organs: stomach and spleen.
Emotions: anxiety, depression and concern.
Physical symptoms: stomach ache, skin problems, headache, neurosis.


Organs: kidneys and bladder.
Emotions: disappointment, fear and confusion.
Physical symptoms: muscle pain, back pain, toothache, digestion problems.


Organs: liver and gall-bladder.
Emotions: indecision, anger, sensibility.
Physical symptoms: problems in the blood flow, menstrual pains, eyesight problems, fatigue, frontal headache, migraine.


Organs: lungs and large intestine.
Emotions: negativity, sadness, fear of rejection, sorrow.
Physical symptoms: ear humming, respiratory problems, asthma, skin diseases, digestion problems.


Organs: heart and small intestine.
Emotions: concern, anxiety, nervousness, lack of self-respect.
Physical symptoms: heart diseases, throat pain, stomach flatulence, problems with your bones.


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