Mother Turns Her Baby into a Bloodthirsty ZOMBIE for A Gory Halloween Shoot

Mother Turns Her Baby into a Bloodthirsty ZOMBIE for A Gory Halloween Shoot

Family photoshoots are always planned to ooze radiance, brilliant colors, and cuteness, especially when babies are involved. Parents may go the creative way by choosing a Christmas-themed concept or a superhero comic idea to bring in a little more flair. One of the funniest I’ve seen is an entire family dressed as Harry Potter characters, where the baby played the role of Dobby the house elf.

This family of five, however, was not in the mood to do something… conventional

In October 2019, photographer and delivery nurse, Tiffany Renfroe from Dothan, Alabama organized a zombie-themed Halloween shoot for her husband and daughter. [1] According to Tiffany, she wanted to do something fun and original, effective in her idea of parenthood. Children need more unique experiences than material things.

Daniel and I are very sarcastic, as people, as parents. Life is too short to take everything so seriously,” Tiffany told Bored Panda. [2]Our babies (Kaiden, 10, Gibson, 5, Oakley, 11 months) are our world. We are active parents that would rather be doing things with them or giving them experiences over gifts or money, although they still are spoiled. Our kids go everywhere with us and are included in everything we do (we live away from family due to jobs).

Tiffany was inspired to organize the shoot when she traveled to her home state, Oregon with her youngest child, Oakley. She got some cute photos of her and the child taken by her best friend. When she got home, her husband was jokingly upset he didn’t get any daddy-daughter shoot with the quickly growing baby. Coincidentally, Tiffany had just been tagged in some “baby blood bath” photos, and the perfect idea struck her. She was going to turn the baby into a zombie and her father into zombie food!

Zombie daddy and daughter – in pictures

Tiffany’s husband, Daniel, a Blackhawk Technical inspector, and their daughter, Kaiden are big fans of horror movies. They’d watched nearly every season of The Walking Dead together, and what better way to spice up Halloween than to bring some scenes from the movie to life?

The setting for the shoot was outside a creepy wooden shed located in the center of a wooded area. Perfect fit. 

She created an immensely dirty dress, characteristic of a dirt-dragging zombie for her baby girl, and put some spooky, gray makeup on the girl’s face. 

For the first scene, her father, Daniel, was dressed as a decaying zombie with his intestine pouring out. Part of his face had rotted away (makeup) and the intestines were made of edible red cake. One of his hands appeared to have been cut off (again, cake). The baby was captured eating her father’s “intestines” and the sliced hand. She seemed extremely happy to be involved in something cool and was obviously not terrified of the gory scenes.

For the second batch of photos, the father dressed as Michael Myers from the horror film Halloween, with his signature white face and murder knife. He was captured carrying the baby and eerily walking through the woods.

The photos immediately went viral on Facebook when Tiffany shared them with her friends. So far, since 2019, the pictures have garnered over 164,000 shares, 91,000 reactions, and 61,000 comments.

What did people have to say?

The majority of viewers loved Tiffany’s concept and excellent creativity. Many were convinced her daughter would be proud as a grown-up to have been part of something so eclectic.

On the other hand, some people were concerned about the mental health of the children who had to witness the gory scenes and be a part of it. Many were mostly worried about the baby-eating-guts scenes and the process of getting her ready for the shoot.

Tiffany was forced to make a few follow-up posts to clear things up.

No babies were harmed in this process,” Tiffany wrote. “No contacts were used, eyes were edited (although it makes me giggle because trying to picture putting contacts on an 11-month-old is hilarious when I can’t even wrangle her to change a diaper some days).”

She explained that her other kids were behind the scenes helping with makeup and props, and they were not terrified or disturbed by the creations.

No babies were scared in this process, our children are used to the mask (Daddy wears it to bed practically), they are used to dressing up, and Oakley is no different, although she is intrigued by everything she is not scared of. If anything, she was mad I wouldn’t give her all the gut goodies,” she wrote. 

The process

Speaking to Bored Panda, Tiffany explained how she got Daddy and baby ready for the shoot. It was mostly putting detailed makeup on the dad and light smudges on the baby. When a few brush strokes and contours got on the dad’s face, the baby would get one or two as well. The little girl was eagerly trying to help with her own makeup.

Her sister would tickle her with the “dirt brush”. It was a game for her! About a two-hour game. It took patience but was fun. There was no getting her to stay still like many online people have wondered how I did, I worked in her world and made it fun, you know, the tricks moms know how to pull when they need or want things done,” Tiffany said.

Despite the negative comments, Tiffany is glad her family got to pull this off as a unit. Her husband finally got the shot he wanted and she’s overwhelmed by all the love and commendation from thousands of people.

‘It wasn’t hurting them, making them scared, so whatever. It’s us. My kids are sweet and loving, do great in school, are nonviolent, love others, and that’s all that matters to us as parents.’

I am so humbled for the reaction and support from the people who stand behind me, defending me as a person, not even really knowing,‘ she said. 


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