Cody Medina
Cody Medina
June 7, 2023 ·  4 min read

Patrick Stewart and His Wife Defy Their 38-Year Age Gap and Listen Only to Their Hearts

Age differences in relationships are often a huge deal to people for many reasons. The first and foremost reason being that it can sometimes be borderline creepy depending on the situation. However, Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell have overcome a lot of the stigmatization that comes with those age differences. Despite being 38 years apart, these two are a perfect example that age is just a number to some.

Patrick Stewart has always had a firm belief to never give his phone number out to random people. However, when it came to this 30 year-old waitress at a Brooklyn restaurant, it was pretty impossible not to. This was the first time that he has ever done something like this with anybody.

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How Patrick Stewart & Sunny Ozell Met

In 2008, Stewart and Ozell ignited the fires between them that soon blossomed into a loving romance. Apparently, Ozell had mentioned that she wanted to see the production of Macbeth. Stewart responded by giving her his cellphone number and told her to call him later for tickets to the show. Mentioning that there may have been an ulterior motive behind his kind gesture. From there, the story gets even better.

As Ozell attended the Broadway show, she met with Stewart backstage to discuss the performance. After seeing his severed head in the production, Ozell claims that it was a very interesting experience. Stewart asked her how she felt about this. “It was a quite good… Replica…” She says jokingly with a smile. “Is it better than the real thing?” Stewart asks her playfully. “I keep asking where it is, because I want it for my mantle.” Ozell responds to him teasingly on the show Loose Women.

As the two continued to be interviewed, it’s pretty obvious how head-over-heels they are for each other. Stewart claims that he actually never even knew that Ozell was a talented jazz singer. “I didn’t know she was a singer after a couple of weeks, until one weekend.” He explains. “I was doing an eight show a week performance so I only had Sunday’s and Monday’s free. So we would usually get together Sunday evening and she said ‘I’m doing a gig tomorrow’ and I had to have a gig explained to me…” Stewart says shyly before continuing. “It was just simply a revelation to me hearing her sing.” (1)

Age Is Just A Number

Although Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell seem to be a great fit, the public has had troubles accepting the age difference. Stewart says that he’s had to be strategic with Ozell’s family as to not force anything onto them. In fact, Ozell claims that the hardest part was introducing Stewart to her father. Who just so happens to be five years younger than Stewart. Ozell claims that her father was not so pleased at first but over the course of time, that changed drastically. Stewart and Ozell’s father are now some of the best of friends, even having their own inside jokes about their age. Stewart says that her father will call him saying “Hey son, it’s your father here.” (2)

Ozell further explains that she was just as worried introducing herself to his two children, Daniel 48, and Sophia, 45. However, she claims that his children were very welcoming and more than accepting of their relationship together. With their families accepting them together finally, the power couple decided to get married. However, they married not in the way you’d expect. All thanks to Patrick Stewart’s long time best friend, Sir Ian McKellen, who was their officiant twice.

Patrick Stewart’s Best Friend Ian McKellen

The first ceremony that Stewart and Ozell had gotten married was in a Mexican restaurant in LA. The second ceremony for their wedding actually took place in Nevada, where Ozell was born. They had invited Ian, two others guests, and a director for dinner. Stewart was aware that McKellen’s credentials wouldn’t apply in Nevada as an officiant. As the restaurant was seeming to close down, McKellen was dressed in a robe for the occasion and had formerly married the two right then and there. The happily married couple has been sharing their love with the public for years now and have no intentions of stopping it. (3)

Even though their age difference is significant, it doesn’t mean two people like this can’t love each other. Sure, there may be some obstacles they may have to deal with eventually but what relationship doesn’t? The fact that they have been able to make so many people happy from their combined personalities just proves how happy and in love Stewart and Ozell are. There’s no greater feeling than being able to express your love for the person you’ve been attracted to since day one.

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