Image of Police hear a lonely elderly couple crying in their apartment and end up cooking dinner for them

Police hear a lonely elderly couple crying in their apartment and end up cooking dinner for them


With all the controversy in the press surrounding the police these days, it’s stories like this that can warm the heart, and remind us that under their uniform, our police men and women are human too, and have incredibly kind hearts.

Last Tuesday, in Rome, Italy, officers responded to a call from concerned neighbours who had heard shouting and crying coming from inside a house. The four officers who were on call thought it was going to be a standard case of a domestic dispute, but the night ahead of them had an incredible and uplifting twist in store.

Andrew, Alexander, Ernesto, and Mirko arrived at the house of 89-year-old Jole and her 94-year-old husband Michele and were surprised to learn the reason behind the crying that had alerted their concerned neighbours.

The couple had been watching the news, which that evening was filled with particularly sad stories. Jole turned to her husband and asked him “Why is there so much hate in the news?” before becoming overwhelmed and starting to cry. It got worse as she began to think about how lonely she and her husband had recently been feeling.

The couple, married for 70 years, said that they hadn’t had any visitors in a very long time, and the television had been their only companion for this time. That evening when the news had shown mostly pretty upsetting stories, it all became too much. “This time,” they wrote on Facebook after their visit, “for the boys in blue there was a difficult task to perform – two lonely souls to reassure.”

While waiting for an ambulance to arrive and check everything was okay with the couple, the officers decided they had to do something more – touched by the couple’s loneliness and the general situation. They asked to access the couple’s pantry and whipped up a simple, but hearty meal of spaghetti, butter, and parmesan. With one additional ingredient – love.

italian police meal


This simple gesture sparked a massive response when a Facebook post from the police went viral online – 74,000 people have liked the post and a further 7,600 people have commented, with hundreds offering to visit the couple to keep them company.

In a scary world, remember to keep an eye out for your elderly friends or family members.

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