Quotes for Blunt People Who Aren’t Afraid To Tell It like It Is

Quotes for Blunt People Who Aren’t Afraid To Tell It like It Is

Chances are, if you are a person who’s not afraid to tell the truth without sugarcoating it, people will think of you as rude, crass, and unfeeling. Not many people in your circle would be bold enough to seek your opinion because your honesty is often too much for them to handle. If you see something, you tell it exactly as it is — no word-mincing, tongue-biting, or sweet-rubbing. There’s often a very thin line between insensitivity and being honestly blunt, and not many people can tell the difference.

However, if we think about it, those people in our lives who tell us the blunt truth are actually the most genuine characters around us. Life’s too short to encase our minds in shells and expect the truth to always be softened by everyone around us. We may not want them, but we certainly need people who would tell us the truth once in a while. A lot of times, your friends would try to beat around the bush with their opinions so they won’t hurt your feelings. It takes someone who cares about you very deeply to be completely honest with you, knowing that they might hurt your feelings, but what they are about to say is for your own good. 

However, being blunt is not an excuse to be mean or rude. If you have an opinion you can’t hold in, at least try to say it respectfully. Respect does not translate to sugarcoating, and you should always consider the emotional strength of the other person.

If your friend wants to attend an interview in a hideous outfit, instead of saying, “you look terrible, go change that outfit,” you can say, “I’m not sure this outfit is appropriate for a formal setting.” 

In reality, they don’t always have controls (or filters) over their opinions. They might not even know that their words have a sting, and they’d just go ahead to blurt out the very first thing that comes into their heads in any scenario. 

Here are a few reasons why we need to appreciate our blunt friends:

They’ll never tell a lie to please you

You can count on this every time. If you ever need an honest opinion, even on your most vulnerable days, check with these friends of yours. They know how you feel but they also know that lying to you would just complicate your issues further. If you want to know something, they’ll say it as it is and you can bet on anything that it’s the plain truth.

They are exceedingly loyal

Backstabbing is a taboo to these people and they’ll never betray you. You can trust them with anything and be sure that they’ll go to any lengths to safeguard your reputation. They’ll have it out with anyone who tries to slander you in their presence, and you can be sure that whatever secrets you discuss with them will stay private and untold. 

They are not afraid to say what’s on their mind

They are always getting into trouble and quarrels with people because they don’t care about the circumstances – if they want to talk, they are going to talk regardless of the consequences. They may be respectful people, but they just can’t reconcile the concept of respect with unconditional honesty.  They’d often think, “Why do I have to be afraid of saying the truth?”

They make the greatest friends — if you can look beyond the constant outbursts

As you get to know them better, you’d find how really intriguing and amazing their personalities are. They are people who wear honesty and integrity as a shroud. People who are not afraid of standing up for the truth, and you can be certain they’ll defend you to the ends of the earth if you ever need backup. They are amazing personalities and if you’ve got one blunt-mouthed friend in your circle, let them know how appreciated they are.

However, always note the fine line between toxicity and bluntness. Some people just use being blunt as an excuse to be rude, hurtful, and unnecessarily ill-mannered. Call them out on their excesses and if they refuse to change, you might want to give them some distance to protect your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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