Remote Irish Island is Recruiting for Two Friends to Run a Coffee Shop

Remote Irish Island is Recruiting for Two Friends to Run a Coffee Shop

Something excitingly different for a change…

Earlier this year in January, the tourism center of the Great Blasket Island in Ireland announced a unique job opening on their Twitter account. They were looking to recruit two people, a couple or two friends who would run the coffee shop and island cottages for six months, from April to October. [1] They would be provided with adequate accommodation and food throughout their stay. 

The lovely little island, located in County Kerry, is only a few miles off the Southwest coast of the country and offers a chance at the simplest and most peaceful way of life. The island is incredibly small, yet the people live a very intimate, warm, and relaxing communal life. The entire area is just about 4.29km2 and no one actually lives there permanently. People who are looking for a bit of peace and a drastic change in environment often head up there to vacation. The island offers the purest form of off-grid living, with no electricity, Wi-Fi, or running water. 

However, there are people eager to get away from their routine life and regular scenery for a while, and Ireland is just the ideal place. With lush greenery, preserved castles, rolling hills, and deeply romantic landscapes, the country has always retained its enchanting medieval atmosphere. 

The Great Blasket Island is no less beautiful, but the rough and uneven terrain has left the place largely unpopulated over the years. The largest number of people to ever live there at once was 160, according to Smithsonian Magazine. [2] The island is located about 2km away from the coast of County Kerry and can be accessed by ferries or motorboats.

Can you still apply?

Sadly, the window for application was closed on January 30 after the management received over 38,000 applications from all around the world. Turns out, you’re not the only one who would love to go have a great job on a quiet island in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. 

The job was posted on January 10, and on January 19, the management wrote on Twitter: “We are beyond overwhelmed at the response for the job post. Posting the advert last year, we were concerned we would not find ANYONE willing to leave their job, pack their bags and move to a wind-swept island with no electricity OR hot water in the middle of the Atlantic, off the Dingle peninsula for 6 months of the year! We have received over 23,000 applications. If only we could get everyone who applied to stay for one night, we’d be fully booked for…”

They assumed people would stop applying, but oh, how wrong they were! They posted again on January 30, officially sealing off applications to begin the short-listing process.

“Thank you once again for all your applications (all 38,738 of them)! Just to confirm it is now closed off and we are in the process or shortlisting couples/pairs, so if you have not heard back from us we are very sorry! Thanks for your patience and hope to see you soon. B & A.”

However, due to the coronavirus crisis that has greatly inhibited travel and tourism, it is uncertain when the announcements for selected persons would be made. Everyone’s concern right now should be staying in place and staying safe, so the selections might have to be rescheduled until whenever things are better – soon, hopefully.

The Great Blasket Island is incredibly beautiful and loved for its abundance of wildlife and lush greenery. The atmosphere is all peace and tranquility, and if you ever need a break away from your phones, technology, social media, and an exhausting or uneventful life, this might just be the perfect place to unplug.


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