Runaway Puppy Rings Doorbell After He Returns Home Late At Night

So you love your dog and will never run away from him Well, chances are he loves you too, but when it comes to not running away from you, that remains to be seen. 

Why do dogs run away from their owners? 

There are several reasons responsible for this including

  1. Being in heat 

If the dog is neutered, then they don’t have to deal with being in heat and all that. However, when they are not, they can be desperate enough to run away and find a mate. 

2. Having a sense of adventure 

Dogs are curious animals. They love to explore and learn all they can about something. Chances are they’re going to want to run off into the sunset with or without you just to satisfy their curiosity. [1]

3. Boredom 

Dogs need excitement daily. If all they do is lounge around the house all day, then don’t be surprised when they run to the nearest park. 

4. Not getting enough runs daily 

These animals need as much running as possible to keep them active. If you can’t take them on enough walks or runs because you don’t have the time, perhaps you should find a dog walker who can take care of that, otherwise, they may run off.

5. Easy escape routes 

If your house is not secure enough, then your dog, especially a new one will most likely seize the opportunity and run away. [2]

Here are a few ways to prevent your dog from running away 

  • Keep them secured with a leash or collar, and a name tag so that even if they do end up running off, they won’t end up as strays without an identity. 
  • Create a den of some sort for them where they can stay in during thunderstorms so they don’t get spooked
  • Make their environment interesting to them by adding a few games and toys that can help keep them occupied
  • If you have a short fence, try to increase the height to make them less likely to jump over it 
  • Train them to be obedient and be sure to reward them when they do well. 
  • Neuter or spay them. This is the best way to avoid them getting on heat every couple of weeks without having any plans for them. [3]

Cute story about a runaway dog

This dog ran away from home but came back after a while later on his own accord. No one knows for sure his reasons for running away in the first place. But he probably realized that he had it easy at home and had to find his way back.

The Golden retriever named Marshall lives with his owner Greg Basel outside Spokane, Washington. What’s particularly interesting about his return is that he “owned” his homecoming. He didn’t wait around in the bushes till someone came outside. 

According to Basel, Marshall rang the bell and pawed at the door a couple of times before they let him in. Too bad that he couldn’t open the door himself, but at least he was able to ring the bell. [4]

The entire incident was captured by their Nest Hello video doorbell. This equipment combines the usual “convenience of a doorbell with the trusted security of a nest camera.

There are numerous features available, from a 24/7 live streaming to clear night vision support. The camera was able to capture Marshall and his antics completely that night. The video which was put online by his owner has gone viral. [5]

Watch the video below


This wouldn’t be the first time a dog is pressing the doorbell like a boss 

Indeed it is not. In McDonough, Georgia, Robert Fox, a loving dog owner, was woken up in the middle of the night by his doorbell ringing. Scared and wondering who his after midnight visitor could be, Fox grabbed his gun and made his way to the door. 

Wives are always right 

Fox’s wife told him it was probably just the family’s dog, a little Labrador mix named Chika. Fox doubted that but lo and behold, when he got to the door, it was none other than Chika. Apparently, she got locked out accidentally and was outside for hours before she began pawing at the bell. Finally, she got it right and of course woke the whole neighborhood, but it was well worth it. [6]

This is probably what most people look like when they accidentally open their front camera

You can teach your dog to use doorbells

Not just doorbells, but also potty bells. That way, they can signal you when they want to go outside when they want to use the ‘bathroom,’ or even in case they are stuck outside someday and want to come in. 

Also, it’s a very helpful tip in house training a puppy. It also gives them the feel of being sophisticated rather than just pawing at doors or barking at odd hours. You could hang special bells for them in strategic positions around the house. 

To train them on how to use it, start with a little positive affirmation. Hold the bell close to them and when they ‘ring’ it, praise them. 

Also, you could give them a treat every time they get it right. 

Then, you need to teach them how to use it at the right time so they don’t use it as a joke and drive you nuts. 

With bell ringing, you unlock a whole new level of communication with your dog. Don’t get frustrated, it won’t work out the way you expect at first. [7]

Give it time and a lot of training, eventually, your dog will get the hang of it and might even become a “professional concierge”…perhaps.


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