Scientists Create Robotic Girlfriend Hand for ‘Lonely People’

Loneliness can take many shapes and forms depending on the person. Sometimes it is too unbearable to cope with. However, thanks to these Japanese inventors, loneliness doesn’t have to be so lonely. Japan’s Gifu University robotics researchers have developed technology that’s able to mimic hand-holding. This robotic girlfriend hand simulates the affectionate hand holding you’d experience with a romantic partner.

The product was given the name “Walk Girlfriend” and is meant more so for the male audience at this time. Translating to “My girlfriend in walk” The team of Japanese researchers state that for some men, it’s hard to find a girlfriend. This product is to help the lonely souls that just can’t quite seem to find love. However, the team is definitely looking to create a “Walk Boyfriend” that has similar functions.

Realistic Robotic Girlfriend Hand

The researchers of this technology have thought of just about everything to make this experience genuine. The robotic girlfriend hand has been made to be very realistic. A person is able to easily attach the mountable sliding rail to their arm. Since hand-holding is somewhat uncomfortable due to stride differences, the hand compensates for this as well. Sliding back and forth on the mounted railing as to simulate that uneven rhythm in strides.

The hand itself is made of a soft gel material that feels very similar to human skin. This robotic hand was designed specifically to mimic the hand of a woman. Note that the artificial skin smells a lot like floral shampoo. In addition, the sensors inside the robotic girlfriend hand are able to feel pressure from the wearer. If a person were to squeeze the robotic girlfriend’s hand lightly, the hand would sense the pressure and squeeze back. (1)

Furthermore, the researchers have added a heating function in the robotic girlfriend hand as well. This is to simulate the warmth of a real hand instead of feeling like holding hands with a dead person. Additionally, the robotic hand can actually simulate sweating. Using a dampened piece of fabric to release moisture through the pores of the gel skin.

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There’s An App For That

Luckily, the researching team has also figured a way to replicate the sounds of a partner walking with you. The app is able to mimic the sounds of clothes rustling and even the sound of footsteps next to you. Additionally, the app also simulates your girlfriend’s breathing as you walk. As the hand is perpendicular to the wearer’s arm, they will feel as if they are actually holding hands with somebody. That means if you speed up your pace the wearer will feel resistance on their arm as if someone was holding them back.

The researcher team suggests using the app with the product as to get the full effect. Even though this is still a prototype, buyers are already preordering their own robotic girlfriend hand. The research team would also like to point out that this product is mainly for those affected by the coronavirus. As isolation takes a toll on many relationships and those who are alone in isolation. The Walk Girlfriend product is here to ease the painful experience of being alone and not being able to do anything about it. Additionally, the team also mentions that the aim of this product is to help people get some exercise walking. Although there are many lewd responses to the creation of this product, the overall intent is very wholesome. (2)

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Loneliness Long-Term Effects

You might be thinking that all of this is over the top for a few lonely men. However, you’d be surprised just how crippling the long-term effects loneliness has on a person’s brain. Sometimes if a person is lonely long enough can cause severe depression and even suicidal tendencies. Some people can even develop sleep disorders from being extremely depressed. Loneliness can also lead to the development of Alzheimer’s and even dementia if left unchecked for too long. The unfortunate truth to this is that everybody is susceptible to these chronic emotions. Although creating a robotic hand to simulate affection seems grotesque, it’s actually very therapeutic for some.

As the spread of the virus continues, creative inventions like this one are more than likely to come to fruition. Spending an extreme amount of time in isolation can have its physical toll on people. If buying this robotic hand means reducing your depression, then it may be all the more worthwhile investing in the product. Not everybody has someone to come home to or be in isolation with while this pandemic lasts. Emotional stability is key to surviving being in isolation for extended periods of time. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy! (3)

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